Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oakham Sunset

Sunset over Oakham

Cheddleton Flint Mill

Cheddleton Flint Mill. Cheddleton Flint Mill a...Image via Wikipedia

Cheddleton Flint Mill
Beside the Caldon Canal
Leek Road
ST13 7HL

The mill is set in the delightful rural surroundings, Two large parallel water wheels driving grinding pans for pulverising calcined flint for the pottery industry. The restored buildings have displays explaining the processing of materials used in pottery. Exhibits include a 100hp Robey horizontal steam engine, model Newcomen beam engine used to power a grinding pan and two kilns used for calcining flints.
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Belper: Jedediah Strutt's North Mill with the ...Image via Wikipedia

Belper North Mill

Derwent Valley Visitor Centre,
Bridgefort, Belper, Derbyshire, DE56 1YD.

Discover the secrets of  William Strutt's 1804 'fireproof' mill and explore the original and replica machinery that show the history and processes of cotton spinning, silk and cotton hosiery, chevening (unique to Derbyshire), framework knitting and nail making.
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The Knicker Lady Live@the Museum Rutland County Museum Oakham

The Knicker Lady, Rosemary HawthorneImage by Debs Koritsas via Flickr
Back by popular demand...

The Knicker Lady

Saturday 31st July 2010 (8.00pm)

Rosemary Hawthorne is
bringing back her KNICKERS-
by popular request!

if you missed her last year,
then book now, while there
are still seats available.

If you saw her before, then
you're in for another treat-
with new laughs and some
new knickers.

"The Joyce Grenfell of knickers......
the true English eccentric.....has the style
and timing of pure comic genious"
are just a few of the criticts' comments.

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The Rep things to do in and around Oakham

Little Shop of Horrors (film)Image via Wikipedia
If you travel to leicester by train you will know it costs a fortune.

Just for a few pounds more you can travel all the way to Birmingham.

Birmingham has a lot to offer and is cheaper than London

You might like to try THE REP theatre

0121 236 4455

Here are the Autumn and  Winter season highlights

Wednesday 1st to Sat 11th September

My Romantic History

"If you haven't met someone by the time you graduate,
you're going to marry some idiot from your work.
Do you know how they get animals to breed in captivity?
They put them in the same cage."

A new comedy about love, loss and laminating machines!

Wednesday 1st to Saturday 18th September

Little Shop Of Horrors

A fabulous new production of the greatest science-fiction
spoof musical ever.
Featuring the music from the hit 1986 film,
Little Shop of Horrors is a mouth-watering
fun night out for all!

Tuesday 5th to Saturday 9th  October

Punk Rock

A blistering new play about a group of sixth-formers
as they prepare themselves for the end of their school
lives. By Simon Stephens, writer of the celebrsted play
Pornography which was a massive hit at REP in 2008.

Thursday 30th September to Saturday 16th October

First Person Shooter

Thumbs twitching, trigger-finger blistering, eyes glued
to the screen...
A witty play about what happens when gaming and
military technology collide.
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Friday, July 30, 2010

Oakham Town Council meeting 4th August 2010

Oakham Town Council meet at the council chamber at 7pm Wednesday 4th August 2010

Public are welcome.

Amongst the agenda items to be considered by the full council are the following.

The damaged play equipment at Royce Recreation Ground

Sainsbury's Planning Application

A complaint made by Helen Pender against the Town Clerk at this point the public and press and likely to be excluded.

It is interesting to see Oakham Town Council is now implementing its complaints procedure even if we don't know what this is.

I gave up asking about my complaints.

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Rodgers & Hammerstein's The King and I Curve Leicester things to do in and around Oakham

Rodgers & Hammerstein's The King and I Curve Leicester

Friday 3rd December - Sat 15th January 2011

A Curve Production

Music by Richard Rodgers
Book & Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II

Cast includes West End star Janie Dee
(Calendar Girl's, Mack and Mabel,
Woman in Mind)
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Punk Rock Curve Leicester Things to do in around Oakham

Curve Leicester

Punk Rock

Tuesday 9th - Saturday 13 November

"Riverting to watch and superbly acted"
**** The Guardian

In the library of an English grammar school, a group of

sixth-formers are nearing the end of their school lives. But when the world opens up before them, there’s a danger it will swallow them whole.

A raw young cast expose the violence simmering under the surface of success in a blistering new play by Simon Stephens, Lyric Artistic Associate and writer of Pornography, Harper Regan, Motortown and the Olivier Award-winning On the Shore of the Wide World.

Ages 14+

This show contains strong language and adult themes.

A Festival of Friel: Molly Sweeny / Translations at CURVE things to do in around Oakham

Curve Leicester

Thursday 4th November - Sat 4th December

A Festival of Friel: Molly Sweeny / Translations at CURVE

Two stunning Curve Productions Brian Friel's eloquent masterpiece, TRANSLATIONS and the deeply moving and beautiful story of MOLLY SWEENEY will run in repertoire in the Studio at Curve this autumn. One of the world's greatest contemporary playwrights, Brian Friel has enjoyed award-winning success in London and New York, with worldwide hit productions of many of his plays including DANCING AT LUGHNASA.

TRANSLATIONS takes place in beautiful, rural Donegal, Ireland in 1830. The English rulers are set on changing the language and place names of a long Gaelic tradition. Will mutual understanding eventually transcend language in this dangerous clash of cultures and tangled affair of passion and love?

MOLLY SWEENEY is the multi award-winning story of Molly. Blind for many years, Molly is relishing her independence until the arrival of a 'miracle' doctor and a misguided new husband whose enthusiasm threatens her very survival. This beautifully intense piece, based on Oliver Sack's, TO SEE OR NOT TO SEE, takes us with Molly on her dramatic and emotional journey from darkness to light.

Stuart Lee Curve Leicester things to do in and around Oakham

Stuart Lee

Curve Leicester

Sunday 17th October

Vegetable Stew

"He's the most exciting comedian in
the country bar none" **** The Times

Happy Birthday Debbie

Happy Birthday


Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Red Shoes Curve Leicester things to do in and around Oakham

0116 242 3595

Rutland Street
Cultural Quater
LE15 1SB

The Red Shoes

Kneehigh Theatre Company

Tuesday 5th October - Saturday 9th October

Surreal, sensious, bloody and bare -
a luscious physical fairytale 

"Delirious, witty, macabre...
A show to die for" The Guardian

Curve is run by Leicester Theatre Trust Limited, a registered charity (no. 230708)
Curve is supported by

Arts Council England
Leicester City Council
Leicestershire County Council

Hot Stuff Curve Leicester things to do in and around Oakham

high heelsImage via Wikipedia
A Curve Production
Hot Stuff

Sat 2 Oct  - Sat  6 Nov

The devil wears high heels
in this wickedly outrageously
musical. Stars Ceri Dupree
as Lucy Fur

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Dolly Curve Leicester things to do In and around Oakham


Curve Leicester

Tuesday 28th September - Saturday 2nd October

New Perspectives Theatre Company
in Association with Curve

Cloning meets country and western
musical in a new play by
Andy Barrett.

Stapleford Minature Railway Open Weekend Things to do In and Around Oakham

Type 1Aw coaches (Bxhpi series) from Narrow Ga...Image via Wikipedia
29th & 30th August

Stapleford Minature Railway
Open Weekend

Gates open at 10am till 5pm

Featuring the Stapleford 10 1/4"
Gauge Railway Museum.

There will also be Showman's engine
and fairground organs, tradestands
and exhibits,

licenced bar and catering

01462 851 711
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Windows of Gaol Street Home Smashed Oakham

Windows of Gaol Street Home Smashed Oakham
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Sainsbury's Oakham

Image of the Basics range of products and ther...Image via Wikipedia

Sainsbury has submitted it planning application for
a new Sainsbury's Foodstore, Oakham

Planning Application Ref: FUL/2010/0729

Sainsbury are proposing to build a new store,
off Lands' End Way,

They say it will provide shoppers with
more choice, as well as creating up to 300
full and part-time jobs for local people.

The planning application has been submitted to
Rutland County Council and was
registered on 7th  July 2010.

Plans for the new store features:

A 30,021 sq ft sales area, Predominantly a wide range
of Sainsbury's popular food products, a selected range
of non food items, improved pedestrian and public
transport links to the town centre and surrounding area,
a full landscaping scheme, sustainable features, 
including a biomass boiler and rainwater harvesting,
a recycling centre, a customer cafe, a cash machine and
a four pump petrol station.

The detailed plans can be viewed At the Council offices or
online by entering Planning Application  Ref: FUL/2010/0729

The Council is currently considering the application and undertaking
its own consultation exercise.

Residents are encouraged to provide feedback on the plans.

you can leave feedback at Rutland County Council's Website:

You can also write to the planning officer
dealing with the application:

Patrick Gear
Rutland District Council
LE15 6HP

You may like to write to your local paper

Eileen Green  (Editor),
Rutland Times,
South  Street,
LE15 6GB

You can also get further information from

Amy  Kershaw
Freephone 0800 975 5299
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake Curve Leicester things to do in and and around Oakham

Matthew Bourne's
Swan Lake

Mon 20 - Sat 25 Sep

Curve Leicester

Matthew Bournes thrilling,
multi award-winning
modern dance classic

"it will change the way you
see ballet forever"

Vertical Road Curve Leicester things to do in and around Oakham

The phenakistoscope – a couple waltzingImage via Wikipedia

What's ON

Vertical Road

Tue 14 -  Sat 18 Sep

A Curve Co-production with
Akram Khan Company

Inspired by the myths of angels,
this exciting dance World Premier
features music by Nitin Sawhney.
I have afew of CD's
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Rev West Lincolnshire

BNP Logo;Image via Wikipedia

The fake Clergyman and his messages of hate!

An abusive e-mail has been sent to a Leicestershire support group, describing homosexuals as unnatural.

The e-mail is the second abusive e-mail to be received by the Leicester Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Centre, since the general elections in May when they circulated a questionnaire to all local electoral candidates asking about their policies concerning the gay community.

The questionnaire was initially forwarded to Reverend West, a BNP candidate in the Lincolnshire area. He responded to the questionnaire with a four page response, calling the person who composed the questionnaire a “complete and utter pervert”, telling him to “get a life and get it cleaned up”.

The group decided not to take their complaint against West any further. However, they have now received a further e-mail from Dr SH Russell, who states that he is friend of West.

In the e-mail Russell says: “I understand that you and your organisation have had the impertinence to circulate a questionnaire to candidates in local council elections, asking about their support (if any) for people in the so called ‘LGBT community’.”

He added: “Let me tell you, sir that the best thing for these unfortunate creatures ... is to keep quiet about their unnatural proclivities, live a celibate life and get back in the closet.”

Dennis Bradley, centre support officer for the LLGBC said: “The e-mail I received this morning confirmed that there are still too many people in our little corner of the world who are intent on inflicting harm and pain on others in the name of freedom of expression and religion. When I reread this e-mail and the others that I have received in the last few months I do not see the Christianity I was brought up to believe in – acceptance, tolerance and love. Instead I see loathing and fear. In the end when I re-read this e-mail I also feel sad.”

When contacted by and asked if he wished to retract any of his comments, Russell responded: “I do not approve of homosexuality or the promotion of homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle, equal to heterosexuality, which it most certainly is not. Homosexuals and lesbians should ... not go parading around in so called ‘Pride’ events, and attempting to recruit normal but impressionable young people to their cause.”

Mr West says:

I have lived in the South Holland district since 1992 and am particularly concerned for this area as a rural community greatly in need of nurturing and protecting. I have served as a District Councillor for four years and represented South Holland for one year on the Race Equality Council where I combated prejudice and discrimination. My skills in lecturing and Christian Ministry will put local people's concerns at the forefront where they can no longer be ignored and where we can make government at last work for us and not for itself.

In 2006 Mr West was a Tory Cllr he was Suspended and he moved to BNP

Mr West has lectured in political philosophy

As district councillor who was suspended from the Conservative Party he then defected to the British National Party.

Robert West, of South Holland District Council, in Lincs was suspended after he spoke at a BNP meeting.

The 50-year-old said his switch was prompted by Conservative leader David Cameron's priority list of candidates for the next general election.

He said the list excluded white male candidates in favour of women, non-whites, homosexuals and lesbians.

'Traditional beliefs'

In a statement, Mr West said: "I have decided to seek refuge from political correctness by applying for asylum with the British National Party - Britain's finest and most decent party - in our country's hour of need."

Mr West said he had been a lecturer in political philosophy and equal opportunities law.

He has set up his own church, based in a house in Holbeach, to preach "traditional bible beliefs".

He said Conservative leader David Cameron was "talking nonsense" when he recently called on people to oppose the BNP.

David Graves-Moore, deputy chairman for South Holland and the Deepings Conservative Association, said the local association had earlier decided against suspending Mr West, even though he had been suspended by the party at a national level.

"If we had known what we know now when we interviewed him we would have come to a different conclusion and suspended him there and then.

"He argued that he went to them (the BNP) to preach the gospel to them."

It appears they converted him or was he always one of those rotten Torries?

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