Wednesday, November 30, 2011

World AIDS Day, Leicester LGBT Centre, Red Ribbon Remembrance, Rainbow Voices

Leicester LGBT Centre, 15 Wellington Street

On World AIDS Day, 1st December, Trade in partnership with Faith in People with HIV are holding a special Red Ribbon Remembrance starting at 7pm, (doors open at 6.30pm).
An evening of reflection with readings, poems and personal testimonies, to commemorate how HIV has affected all of us in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans community.

Music will be provided by Rainbow Voices and there will be time to light a candle of remembrance for all those we love.

After the candle-lighting light refreshments will be served, kindly provided by James Cockerill and his team!

Everyone is welcome.

Helsinki 94 Rutland Street, Leicester, World Aids Day Fundraiser

Helsinki 94 Rutland Street, Leicester, World Aids Day Fund raiser






This Saturday help raise money and raise awareness for Worlds Aids Day by attending the 
Helsinki Big Red Party.

RED Drinks are on offer including:

VK Cherry
Cherry Corky's
Bulmers 17
Cherry Fizz Cocktails

Open from 11pm-4am, The best in Dance, Remixed Pop and House.
It's the Perfect way to spend your weekend!

TRADE Sexual Health will be helping us Raise Money for World Aids Day and Ribbons will be on sale from Reception on the night!


- BOSSA - 110 Granby Street, Leicester, United Kingdom



INFOLINE :07872 647540

Free Wireless For Uppingham’s Market Place – Get On Line, Falcon Hotel, Uppingham First, Rutland Telecom, Gigaclear

Free Wireless For Uppingham’s Market Place – Get On Line

The Falcon Hotel and Rutland Telecom join forces with Uppingham First to celebrate opening up a wireless network across Uppingham’s Market Place. 

Uppingham residents, businesses, and visitors look set to benefit from free access to a high-speed wireless network available throughout the Market Place.

‘Connectivity in the heart of the town has been a problem for too long, and our work with The Falcon Hotel has been a great opportunity to solve this problem once and for all’, says new Managing Director of Rutland Telecom – Christer Karlsson.

A working relationship between the pioneering telecoms provider and the owners of multiple hospitality outlets in the Market Place highlighted the opportunity to make a small decision with a big impact: throw a wireless net across the centre of the town and give everyone access to it.

‘Between our three hospitality units we want to create a vibrant environment catering to all needs, whether sitting down to work away from the office, or just wanting to check on your social networking,’ says The Falcon Hotel Director James Torbell, ‘We feel the work we have done with Rutland Telecom offering free wi-fi is giving something back to all of our customers and promoting Uppingham as a meeting place for all in Rutland and the surrounding areas.’

Between 10am and 1pm on Tuesday 6th December there will be an informal celebration held at The Falcon Hotel, with an open invitation to all residents, businesses, and visitors. Hot drinks and sweet treats with giveaways from Rutland Telecom will mark the launch of the free access wireless network. Jointly held with Uppingham First, Ron Simpson of the town’s Community Partnership clearly outlines the community benefits:
‘We have been actively leading the National Get Online Campaign for Uppingham, and free access to wireless at The Falcon is the perfect time to offer face-to-face support in a friendly environment.’

If anyone would like support with something related to getting online they can sit at one of several laptops available on the day and chat with experts who can help with everything from buying online, setting up free email addresses, or Skyping friends and families anywhere in world.

Christer continues: ‘Together, we are delighted to have a network that makes Uppingham an even better destination for shoppers and business people, and working with Uppingham First means that we can make a difference to people who need it most in the Town.’

For more information in the first instance, contact:

Emma Rose
Marketing and Communications
Rutland Telecom

Tel: 01572 858 858

Desk: 01572 850 080

Fax: 01572 858 072

The Benefits of being a Oakham Town Councillor

The Benefits of being a Oakham Town Councillor

For many years the residents of Woodland View Oakham have moaned about the condition of their road.
Recently part of it was resurfaced. I spoke to a Councillor about the partial resurfacing, He replied "I spoke to a High Ways Officer and asked them to sort it". The resurfacing job finishes at the Councillors junction. I don't know how he achieved this result because, I could not even get Rutland County Council to provide two new litter bins requested by local traders.

Special message to Cllr John Nowell can you arrange for the rest of the road to be completed and include Willow Crescent many thanks I know the local resident would be very grateful.

PS. I Note from members interests your lodge memberships, would that have influenced your request

Oakham Skatepark Update

Oakham Skatepark Update

I was going to wait a  few weeks before blogging this update, I have now decided that may only assist a cover up.

In the summer Oakham Town Councils Clerk Richard White told Councillors the skatepark required emergency repairs.

He authorised the spending claiming he was using his emergency powers. This came about after Councillors turned down a quote for work on the skatepark because the quote was poorly presented and was costly £5,000+

Despite the Clerk stating the work was an emergency. Work did not start immediately a few weeks passed.

Once the work was started it soon stopped.

The contractor approached the council and asked for payment £2000 for material used.

At the last full council meeting I raised the issue, after the meeting I inspected the invoice. I can not see how £2,000 of materials have been used or will be used.

Even the most expensive Skatelite special top boards don't even cost that much.

I spoke to the Town Clerk last week to find out if the work was going to be completed.

The Clerk said he was pleased he was away sick when the payment was approved. Surprisingly he also said he would have questioned the invoice.

I have not been able to find out who authorised this payment. The cheque would have been signed by two councillors who clearly appear not to ask any questions when they sign away public money.

I wonder if the skatepark work will be completed this year, the Clerk said he would chase the contractor.
The Clerk has been of sick with a cold since he said he would.

Leicestershire Police 'None for the Road’ Christmas campaign against drink driving

Leicestershire Police 'None for the Road’ Christmas campaign against drink driving

At Oakham Police Station Front Enquiry Office various items aimed at raising the profile of the campaign from car air fresheners, windscreen scrapers, wrist bands, fluffy bugs and tax disc holders and all of these items are free.

Please pop in here at Oakham Police Station to collect your free gift.

Launch of ‘None for the Road’ Christmas campaign against drink driving…

“Christmas isn’t the same without my David”
Today, the mother of Earl Shilton resident David Johnson, who was killed by a drink driver in Elmsthorpe in 2004 called for the people of Leicestershire to ‘get tough’ on drink drivers.
On September 11, 2004, David’s mother, Dawn Bycraft, received the call which was to change her life forever. She asked for ‘the facts’ and learned that David and his fiancée were riding his motorcycle when a car pulled out in front of them; he was thrown from his bike. The ‘G’ force of the collision broken every bone in his body and ruptured his aorta; he died at the scene in the arms of a stranger. His fiancée escaped with a smashed pelvis and broken leg.
On losing David, aged 33, Dawn Bycraft said: “People say time is a healer. It doesn’t heal. It only allows you the opportunity to learn how to deal with loss.
“My mother had a stroke shortly after David died; the nurse said it was due to the shock of David’s death.
“I feel that this event has taken two of my closest family members from me. I was an only child and David was my only son, it has robbed me of my grandchildren.”
The man who killed David was sentenced to three and a half (3 ½) years in prison, he served 18 months of his jail sentence.
Dawn Bycraft tells of the day she visited him in prison, she said: “I asked him to explain why he was drinking and driving. He said he was cheering his brother-in-law up after he got the news that his mother was diagnosed with cancer.”
“He said he would usually ask his wife to pick him up, but on that weekend she was away. He drove his cousin home, and that’s when he hit my David.
“I’m a deeply Christian person. People can’t understand how I can forgive him. It took me some time, but God has given me the strength to ‘love the sinner and hate the sin’”
The man who killed David lost his high paid job due to his criminal record, meaning his children had to leave their private school.
On the devastating impact of drink driving, Dawn Bycraft said: “When a pebble is tossed into the water, the ripples reach far and wide. Many people had to pay for the consequences of one man’s actions – it caused at lot of anguish for his family, not just ours.”
Dawn’s story supports the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Road Safety Partnership winter campaign against drink driving entitled ‘None for the Road’ which will run throughout December 2011. Advertisements on radio, the pump handles of local petrol station forecourts and some 50,000 beer mats in over 50 public houses now carry the campaign’s message – that drinking no alcohol at all is the safest choice when driving.
Inspector Gill Lewis, Commander of the Leicestershire Police Roads Policing Unit, she said, “As Dawn Bycraft will testify: drink driving devastates lives. Sadly, what happened to Dawn’s son David is all too common. Each year over 2,000 people lose their lives on the UK’s roads; a large proportion of those road deaths feature alcohol as a contributory factor.”
“There’s more of a temptation to drink around Christmas time. Our message is: ‘If you are going to drive, then don’t drink at all.’”
“Driver should be aware that we patrol 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week to challenge drink drivers and bring them before the courts.”
The Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Road Safety Partnership are requesting that people keep their eyes and ears open this Christmas. If you see someone who appears to be drunk leave a public house or club and then enter a vehicle to drive away, make a note of the registration plate and the direction of travel and call your local police on 101* or make a make a free and anonymous call to CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111**
*Calls cost 15p for the entire duration of the call from mobile or landline phones
**Some mobile phone providers may charge for this call

Oakham Public School 'Militant' Teachers Support National Strike

Oakham Public School 'Militant' Teachers Support National Strike

I received a email letting me know 'Militant Teachers' were supporting the national strike, the staff had decided not to strike but instead opted to show their support by teaching in their academic robes.

I checked at the school reception and this was confirmed, I found the time of the next break in a hope of obtaining a few photographs, unfortunately none of the staff came out onto the streets for the break. 

I did spot a group a Santa's amongst the pupils, I am not sure how militant they are?

Rutland Access To Work Unemployed Help Closed Due To Strike

Rutland Access To Work Unemployed Help Closed Due To Strike

Rutland County Council say essential services have not been effected? As a county it does little for the unemployed many of Rutland's unemployed find this part time service essential.

Strike Action Closes Oakham Library

Strike Action Closes Oakham Library. I don't know how anyone expects anyone to fund a pension. For many years I put money into a private pension fund, I receive a projected estimate each and the figure gets lower each year. The pension company estimated that I will receive a pension of £200 a year. Its a pity you can't close a pension fund and withdraw the thousands paid in.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Prince's Trust Team Programme launching in Melton Mowbray!

Prince's Trust Team Programme launching in Melton Mowbray!

See for more detail

The Team programme is a full time 12-week personal development programme and is FREE to anyone aged 16-25 and unemployed.

The programme includes a residential, projects in your local community, team challenges, and support with applying for further education or employment.

The Team programme can help different people in different ways.  However, typical benefits include:

Increased self-confidence and self esteem

Practical experience

The opportunity to develop new skills

The opportunity to gain a variety of qualifications

Career advice and support with job searching and CV writing

The chance to make a difference in your local community

A belief in what you can achieve

Continue to claim your Job Seekers Allowance

Continued Professional Development for employed participants

Brooksby Melton College, Room E15,
Asfordby Road,
Melton Mowbray.


Mobile: 07966 111274


Gusto. 2B Gaol Street. Oakham Repossessed, planning corruption at Oakham Town Council

Gusto. 2B Gaol Street. Oakham Repossessed

Gusto Italian Restaurant Closed in March, signs appeared showing a glimmer of hope a buyer may have been found.

But today it any hope faded and Oakham found itself another empty unit.

Whenever something happens to this place it reminds of planning corruption at Oakham Town Council.

The owner had put forward an application the chairman of the council advised at the meeting Councillors should approve the application because she knew the applicant Emily Frikha who was involved, she worked for Rutland County Council and the establishment would be a fine place. (A Emily Frikha currently works for Rutland County Council as Waste Projects Officer) I am not saying the applicant did anything wrong. The Chairman of  Oakham Town Council did and her influence clearly helped the Councillors decisions 

I am not saying it was not a fine establishment, but within a few weeks police were called to the Restaurant to break up a fight amongst the fine dinners.

The property has now been stripped of most things including the kitchen sink.

Potter Mike Dodd’s GOLDMARK Gallery in Uppingham

GOLDMARK Gallery in Uppingham

Mike Dodd’s exhibition until Christmas Eve.

Gallery opening times are Mondays to Saturday, 9.30am to 5.30pm, and Sundays and bank holidays,
2.30pm to 5.30pm.

Admission is free. or

World Aids Day Celebrity Gaydar, PURE DAB Radio Auction, George Michael, Gary Barlow & Kelly Rowland, Stephen Fry, Paul O'Grady, JLS, Olly Murs, Steps, The Wanted


GaydarRadio are marking World AIDS Day on 1 December by raising money for the National AIDS Trust. We'll be adding a suitable musical accompaniment to the occasion by auctioning digital radios that have been signed by a host of stars, including George Michael, JLS, The Wanted, Olly Murs, Steps, Stephen Fry, Paul O'Grady, Gary Barlow and Kelly Rowland.

Up for grabs are the super cool PURE ONE Flow internet-connected digital radios that have all been signed with a silver flourish by the gay friendly high-profile stars. In fact, they're the perfect way to listen to GaydarRadio!

Bidding starts on Wednesday 23 November on eBay and we need your support to raise an important amount of money before the auction closes on World AIDS Day itself. And remember,  all of the money raised from the auction is going directly to the National AIDS Trust.

“Each of our PURE radios has been signed by a different celebrity so there should be at least one which appeals to everyone," producer Robin told us.

"We’re urging people to dig deep and show their support for this incredible charity whose work, both on the front-line and behind the scenes, has a direct positive impact on the lives of those who are HIV+ in the UK.”
With Christmas fast approaching these are the essential 'money can't buy' presents for someone you love. Top tip: if there's a radio you're particularly after, why not add it your 'watch list' so you don't miss out!

To bid on these exclusive items, click the links below.
George Michael
Gary Barlow and Kelly Rowland
Stephen Fry
Paul O'Grady
Olly Murs
The Wanted

Neil and Debbie Gaydar Radio World Aids Day
PURE DAB Celebrity signed Radios Ebay Charity Auction
You Tube Video

(the photograph shown in film of Stephen Fry is about 50 years old!
it must be his Gaydar profile photo? if he has one. Its common on Gaydar
for its membership to stretch the truth a little when it comes to age)

Twitter Accounts
 @GeorgeMOfficial @GeorgeMOfficial @GBarlowOfficial @Barlow_fans @KELLYROWLAND  @JLSOfficial @ollyofficial @thewantedmusic @stephenfry @gaydarradio

Stamford Artisans Guild monthly craft fairs Fineshade Woods

Stamford Artisans Guild monthly craft fairs 

Sunday  4th December, 10:00 – 16:00

Fineshade Woods, just off the A43 - if you're going from Stamford to Corby it's on the left just after the Duddington Roundabout (map)
Come along and meet local craftspeople with a selection including jewellery, woodturning, cards, cakes, walking sticks, hand knit and crochet toys, and small garments - amongst others.

Serenata present 'Magnum Mysterium' St Peter & St Paul's Church, Langham, Rutland

Serenata present 'Magnum Mysterium' Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul in Langham, Rutland

Saturday  3rd December, 19:30 – 21:30
Langham Parish Church (map)
'Serenata present 'Magnum Mysterium', an evening of Choral Music for Advent and Christmas. 
It will be held in the Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul in Langham, Rutland at 7.30pm on Saturday 3rd of December. 
Tickets are £10, refreshments will be served in the interval and all proceeds are in aid of church funds. 
Telephone 01572 723533 or 757435 for tickets or further information.

Leicester Busk For Charity Day, Rainbows Childrens Hospice, Birstall Legionnaires, The Guitar Appreciation Society

Leicester Busk For Charity Day

Saturday 3rd December 10:00 – 17:00
Various Leicester City Centre Locations (map)
Birstall Legionnaires and the Guitar Appreciation Society have organised this fundraising day in aid of Rainbows Childrens Hospice. 

Buskers will be performing across Leicester at the following venues: Clock Tower Gallowtree Gate Amphitheatre Market Place Plaza / Cheapside Market Street

Ryhall Methodist Church Carol Evening, Empingham Mission Band

Ryhall Methodist Church Carol Evening Empingham Mission Band

Thursday 1 December 19:00 – 21:00
Ryhall Methodist Church (map)
Carol evening with Empingham Mission Band. There will be homemade cakes, bring and buy stalls, hot mince pies, biscuits, tea and coffee. 
Come along and sing your favourite carols.

Ladies Pampered Chef Breast Cancer Fundraiser, Sycamore Harley Davidson, Uppingham

Ladies Pampered Chef Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Wednesday 30 November 19:00 – 19:00
Sycamore Harley Davidson, North Street East, Uppingham (map)
Drinks, nibbles, games and food demonstrations from the Pampered Chef Company, with a chance to try the food afterwards. 
E-mail or call 01572 823 296 if you'd like to go.

Stamford Arts Centre Passion for Fashion

Stamford Arts Centre Passion for Fashion 
Wednesday 30 November 11:30 – 12:30
Arts Centre Ballroom, Stamford (map)
A fashion show and shopping event on the 30th November in aid of Help for Heroes and Action Medical Research, held in the Arts Centre Ballroom, Stamford. 
The event involves purely local businesses; a number of local retailers are having stalls as well as participating in the show, and there will be a performance from the Welland School of Dancing. 
There will be canapes and a glass of sparkling wine to greet visitors on arrival, kindly donated by local businesses The Periwig, Adnams and Thierry Daugeron Catering.
Tickets are £7 and available from Abi Golightly Fashion Boutique in Stamford, from Rachel on 07738960374 or Abi on 07950155754. 
Doors open at 6.30pm for shopping. 
Visitors are encouraged to bring their spending money for the fabulous items on sale from our local retailers! 
It is an ideal opportunity to purchase Christmas gifts!

Uppingham Christmas Fatstock Show

Uppingham Christmas Fatstock Show

Wednesday 30 November 09:00 – 13:00
Uppingham Market Square (map)
Show of local livestock including Cattle, sheep and pigs

Flower Photograph

Flower Photograph

Somerby Primary School Christmas Fair High Street, Somerby, High Street, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire LE14 2PZ

Somerby Primary School Christmas Fair

High Street, Somerby, High Street, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire LE14 2PZ 
Date: Sat 3rd Dec 11

Come along to our Christmas Fair...visit Santa in his Grotto,
buy some lovely gifts & cards, enjoy a mince pie (or two) and join in with our carol singers as we celebrate Christmas.

You may even win a prize in our raffle! Fair will run 1-3pm

Fair will be opened by MP Alan Duncan

They call it 'Great' Britain. Shameful! poor child, British Transport Police arrest racist woman, video

Shocking And they call it 'Great' Britain. Shameful! And the poor child, British tram woman arrested video.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Leicestershire Police Stop Motorist in Mill Street Oakham Photographs

Leicestershire police officers jumps out of his car at traffic lights in Mill Street Oakham asks driver to stop in nearby car park.

I guess it was nothing too serious as the were both enjoying each others company laughing he presented his card.

Man Collapses in Ladbrokes Oakham

Man Collapses in Ladbrokes Oakham

A rather surreal site, a PCSO stands by as medics attend to the man laid out in the middle of the shop.
Surrounded by men concentrating on the monitors and checking their betting slips. It was almost as if a budgie had just fallen of its perch.

A member of the public said they were busy checking the odds, offered by Ladbrokes, will he make it or not?

Jimi Hendrix Live Wild Thing Youtube Video and Portrait Painted by Artist Stephen Wigmore

Jimi Hendrix Live Wild Thing Youtube Video and Portrait Painted by Rutland Artist Stephen Wigmore

How Strike Action Wednesday 30th will effect Oakham and Rutland Primary, Secondary schools and Rutland County Council

Members of various unions have balloted for strike action on Wednesday 30 November 2011.

It is difficult to predict in advance which council services will be affected but Rutland County Council is making every effort to ensure essential services continue as normal as much as possible.
It would be helpful if residents would consider delaying non-essential council business until Thursday 1 December.  This would greatly assist staff who are working to prioritise essential services.
We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this might cause.

Disruption to Council Services

Any changes to council services as a result of strike action will be published  Wednesday 30 November.  
You are also urged to check the council Twitter account @rutlandcouncil and listen to Rutland Radio (107.2FM and 97.4FM)

School News

(If you are want further information regarding what is happening at your school, please contact them directly)
Primary schools
Catmose Primary: open
Cottesmore Primary: open
Edith Weston Primary: Partially open (class 2/3 closed)
English Martyrs: closed
Exton and Greetham: closed
Ketton: closed
Langham: closed
Leighfield: closed
Oakham CofE: open
Great Casterton: closed
Empingham: closed
Ryhall: closed
St Mary & St Johns: closed
St Nicholas: open
Uppingham CofE: closed
Whissendine: Partially open (Foundation and Years 1,2 & 6 and office closed. Years 3, 4 and 5 are open).

Secondary schools
Catmose College: closed
CBEC: Mostly closed (year 11 can come in for private study)
Uppingham Community College: Mostly closed (private study arrangements for Year 11 pupils only)
Rutland County College: Open

Bin Collections

There are no changes to bin collections - these will continue as normal.

Bitesize Beethoven, All Saints Church Oakham, Macmillan nurses,

Bitesize Beethoven, All Saints Church Oakham, Macmillan nurses,

Fraser Graham pianist will perform at All Saints Church Oakham

Sonata in A flat major Op.110

Friday 2nd December, 1.30pm


Donations towards church funds and Macmillan nurses

Art in Lyddington 2011, Exhibition in St Andrew's Church

Art in Lyddington 2011, Exhibition in St Andrew's Church

Including a memorial exhibition for Lyddington artist Pat Bealby 1941 - 2011

Raising funds for Pat's Charities (Cancer and St Andrews Church and Art in Liddington.

Sat 3rd and Sunday 4th December

10.00am until 5.00pm

Preview evening

Friday 2nd Dec at 6.30pm

Admission by ticket £5

which includes a glass of mulled wine and canapes

pay bar and raffle

Tickets available from 01572 821471 or 01572 822210

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Melton Mowbray Citizens Advice Bureau to close

Melton Mowbray Citizens Advice Bureau to close - 26 November 2011 Last updated at 09:54 ET Ten people are to lose their jobs when the Citizens Advice Bureau in Melton Mowbray closes A service in a Leicestershire town that helps people deal with p...

The Elephant Room 61 South Street Oakham Rutland LE15 6BG Christmas Shopping Local photos

With Christmas just around the corner why not step into
The Elephant Room for that perfect present.

The Elephant Room is home to the finest lacquerware and Oriental crafts from Singapore, Vietnam & Thailand.

The Elephant Room
61 South Street
LE15 6BG

Telephone: 07817373511
Fax: 01572 724764
The Artists Table

L' Oliveto Ristorante Italiano, Church Street, Oakham, Rutland, Christmas

Rutland Open Studios, Artists Christmas Event, Oakham Castle Photographs

Rutland Open Studios, Artists Christmas Event, Oakham Castle Photographs

Christmas Lights Oakham Photographs Oakham Town Council

Today the town council completed spending nearly £16,000 putting up the Christmas lights.

A Leicestershire Police officer said they look rubbish, I agree and each year it has got worse and members of the council always thank the Clerk for his work. I am not sure who to blame you can't blame the tree surgeon who charges nearly £10,000 to put them up and take them down, the blame lays at the door of the whole council.

For the third year one of the main illuminations has not been lit for 3 years because there is no where to plug it in!
Knowing this the council still pays to have it hung across the road.


The illumination on the wall of the brothel (confirmed as a brothel at a town council meeting by our Deputy Mayor Cllr Charles Haworth) has not been connected its cable was left lying across the footpath.

Many decorations damaged not working.

Melton Road no socket

The area outside the school and post office are working to the left in the market place many bulbs are blown.

I wonder where they £2000+ spent each year on new bulbs goes.

They thought it would be good this year to hang this one upside down.
The High Street has many dud bulbs.

The Christmas tree shown from its best side, one set of lights not working.

Quite a few bulbs missing and not working in Gaol Street, watch out for the broken ones on the path.

It not bad what you get for £16,000 well done OTC

Something tells me the Clerk won't object to this post as it will help his project to spend thousands next year on new lights for the town.

buy the book oakham, oakham town councillor author, benefits

Oakham Town Councillors Card given to retailer
cards paid for by the tax payer.

buy the book oakham, oakham town councillor author, benefits

The closure of Buy the Book Oakham has is prenting local authors with a problem, who is going to stock their books?

Cllr John Nowell Chairman of  Planning and Park Committee Oakham Town Council has acted promptly to find new stockists.

I learnt the code of conduct expects Councillor to respect those who don't respect you.
The same code also requires Councillors to be selfless and not use their position for self gain or financial  gain.

Cllr John Nowell's book is popping up in all good local shops.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Analysis of OakhamUK's Twitter followers

Analysis of OakhamUK's Twitter followers

Somewhere, United Kingdom11.15%
London, England, United Kingdom6.92%
Oakham, England, United Kingdom4.1%
Somewhere, England, United Kingdom4.1%
Leicester, England, United Kingdom3.08%
Peterborough, England, United Kingdom2.69%
Stamford, Connecticut, United States2.69%
Stamford, England, United Kingdom1.41%
Somewhere, United States1.41%
Melton Mowbray, England, United Kingdom1.28%
Rutland, Vermont, United States1.15%
New York, New York, United States1.15%
Market Harborough, England, United Kingdom1.03%
Lincolnshire, Illinois, United States1.03%
Nottingham, England, United Kingdom0.77%
Manchester, England, United Kingdom0.77%
San Francisco, California, United States0.77%
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom0.64%
Somewhere, California, United States0.64%
Liverpool, England, United Kingdom0.51%
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom0.51%
Boston, Massachusetts, United States0.51%
Orlando, Florida, United States0.51%
Somewhere, Florida, United States0.51%
Toronto, Ontario, Canada0.51%
Sheffield, England, United Kingdom0.38%
Stoke-on-Trent, England, United Kingdom0.38%
Leeds, England, United Kingdom0.38%
Bristol, England, United Kingdom0.38%
Denver, Colorado, United States0.38%
Somewhere, Arizona, United States0.38%
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States0.38%
Somewhere, Canada0.38%
Somewhere, Australia0.38%
Watford, England, United Kingdom0.26%
Durham, England, United Kingdom0.26%
Norwich, England, United Kingdom0.26%
Bradford, England, United Kingdom0.26%
Barnsley, England, United Kingdom0.26%
Birmingham, England, United Kingdom0.26%
Loughborough, England, United Kingdom0.26%
Oxford, England, United Kingdom0.26%
Somewhere, Scotland, United Kingdom0.26%
Miami, Florida, United States0.26%
Aspen, Colorado, United States0.26%
Somewhere, Colorado, United States0.26%
Yorkshire, Virginia, United States0.26%
Los Angeles, California, United States0.26%
Phoenix, Arizona, United States0.26%
Somewhere, Pennsylvania, United States0.26%
Fort Worth, Texas, United States0.26%
Jersey, Georgia, United States0.26%
Washington, District of Columbia, United States0.26%
Somewhere, Singapore0.26%
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia0.26%
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia0.26%
Somewhere, España0.26%
Somewhere, Brazil0.26%
Somewhere, China0.26%
Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia0.26%
Somewhere, Midlands, Zimbabwe0.26%
Somewhere, New Zealand0.26%
Somewhere, Netherlands0.26%
Somewhere, Egypt0.26%
Uppingham, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Coventry, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Desford, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Blackpool, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Chester, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Southampton, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Congleton, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Ibstock, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Dewsbury, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Sunderland, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Spalding, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Lichfield, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Huddersfield, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Kettering, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Lutterworth, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Darlington, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Maidstone, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Grantham, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Gateshead, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Guildford, England, United Kingdom0.13%
West Bromwich, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Bury, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Kingston upon Hull, England, United Kingdom0.13%
York, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Gloucester, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Milton Keynes, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Swindon, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Leighton Buzzard, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Hartlepool, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Cambridge, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Marlow, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Dover, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Woking-Byfleet, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Corby, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Blackburn, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Reading, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Epping, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Saint Neots, England, United Kingdom0.13%
Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom0.13%
Motherwell, Scotland, United Kingdom0.13%
Dunblane, Scotland, United Kingdom0.13%
Somewhere, Wales, United Kingdom0.13%
North Pole, Alaska, United States0.13%
Anchorage, Alaska, United States0.13%
Waltham, Massachusetts, United States0.13%
Naples, Florida, United States0.13%
Westminster, Colorado, United States0.13%
Naugatuck, Connecticut, United States0.13%
Somewhere, Connecticut, United States0.13%
Hampton, Virginia, United States0.13%
Norfolk, Virginia, United States0.13%
Stockton, California, United States0.13%
Palo Alto, California, United States0.13%
Laguna Niguel, California, United States0.13%
Menlo Park, California, United States0.13%
Corona, California, United States0.13%
Indio, California, United States0.13%
Palmdale, California, United States0.13%
Oakland, California, United States0.13%
Alhambra, California, United States0.13%
San Diego, California, United States0.13%
Fresno, California, United States0.13%
Tustin, California, United States0.13%
San Jose, California, United States0.13%
Somewhere, Michigan, United States0.13%
Chicago, Illinois, United States0.13%
Northbrook, Illinois, United States0.13%
Tucson, Arizona, United States0.13%
Mesa, Arizona, United States0.13%
Gilbert, Arizona, United States0.13%
Fountain Hills, Arizona, United States0.13%
Somewhere, Vermont, United States0.13%
Croydon, Pennsylvania, United States0.13%
Austin, Texas, United States0.13%
Houston, Texas, United States0.13%
Dallas, Texas, United States0.13%
Frisco, Texas, United States0.13%
Liberty, New York, United States0.13%
Essex, Maryland, United States0.13%
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States0.13%
Lincoln, Nebraska, United States0.13%
Rogue River, Oregon, United States0.13%
Nashua, New Hampshire, United States0.13%
Somewhere, Kansas, United States0.13%
Canada, Kansas, United States0.13%
Somewhere, Georgia, United States0.13%
Atlanta, Georgia, United States0.13%
Somewhere, Washington, United States0.13%
Everett, Washington, United States0.13%
Somewhere, Tennessee, United States0.13%
Midwest, Wyoming, United States0.13%
Somewhere, Minnesota, United States0.13%
Durham, North Carolina, United States0.13%
Thomasville, North Carolina, United States0.13%
Raleigh, North Carolina, United States0.13%
Somewhere, Hawaii, United States0.13%
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States0.13%
Oaktown, Indiana, United States0.13%
Somewhere, New Mexico, United States0.13%
Teton, Idaho, United States0.13%
Somewhere, Missouri, United States0.13%
Northwoods, Missouri, United States0.13%
Surrey, North Dakota, United States0.13%
Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States0.13%
Somewhere, Mississippi, United States0.13%
Montreal, Quebec, Canada0.13%
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada0.13%
Strathmore, Alberta, Canada0.13%
Somewhere, Nova Scotia, Canada0.13%
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada0.13%
Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia0.13%
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia0.13%
Gold Coast-Tweed Heads, Queensland, Australia0.13%
Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany0.13%
Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany0.13%
Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, España0.13%
Paris, Île-de-France, France0.13%
Aix, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France0.13%
Osasco, São Paulo, Brazil0.13%
Ferraz de Vasconcelos, São Paulo, Brazil0.13%
Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil0.13%
Campo Largo, Paraná, Brazil0.13%
Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa0.13%
Somewhere, North West, South Africa0.13%
Bombay, Maharashtra, India0.13%
Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India0.13%
Somewhere, India0.13%
Delhi, Delhi, India0.13%
Ni Dilli, Delhi, India0.13%
Zurich, Zürich, Switzerland0.13%
Bekasi, Jawa Barat, Indonesia0.13%
San Juan, San Juan, Argentina0.13%
Ōsaka, Ōsaka, Japan0.13%
Trento, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy0.13%
Somewhere, Italy0.13%
Somewhere, Umbria, Italy0.13%
Somewhere, Hong Kong0.13%
Thames, Waikato, New Zealand0.13%
Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand0.13%
Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand0.13%
Lagoa, Algarve, Portugal0.13%
Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria0.13%
Somewhere, Nigeria0.13%
Göteborg, Västra Götaland, Sweden0.13%
Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden0.13%
Somewhere, Sweden0.13%
Kenmare, Kerry, Ireland0.13%
Somewhere, Waterford, Ireland0.13%
Somewhere, Cayman Islands0.13%
Somewhere, Pakistan0.13%
Somewhere, Kingston, Jamaica0.13%
Phuket, Southern, Thailand0.13%
Somewhere, Ecuador0.13%
Somewhere, Vietnam0.13%
Abidjan, Lagunes, Ivory Coast0.13%
Somewhere, Russia0.13%
Somewhere, Colombia0.13%
Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates0.13%
Somewhere, Poland0.13%
Timişoara, Timiş, Romania0.13%
Somewhere Unknown18.21%

Analysis of OakhamUK's Twitter followers

United Kingdom48.46%
United States22.18%
New Zealand0.64%
South Africa0.26%
Hong Kong0.13%
Cayman Islands0.13%
Ivory Coast0.13%
United Arab Emirates0.13%
Somewhere Unknown18.21                            

Hirst & Hirst Living, 18 Church Street Oakham, Rutland LE15 6AA, Shopping Local For Christmas Photos

Hirst & Hirst Living, 18 Church Street  Oakham, Rutland LE15 6AA, Shopping Local For Christmas Photos