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Rutland County Council to Introduce New £25k logo and Bank of Rutland Currency

Rutland County Council Press Release 1st April 2014

Rutland County Councils Deputy Leader and Portfolio
holder for most financial matters at Rutland County Council
Terry King is pleased to announce the official introduction of
Rutland Money to be issued by the Bank of Rutland later
this month.

Residents and visitors will be required to exchange their
English or Scottish Pounds for Bank of Rutland  Notes
Terry said he initial exchange rate and charges are in line
with the current unofficial Oakham & Rutland exchange rate.

He explained how residents should pocket 50p for each pound exchanged
whilst visitors not showing a British or European assport
will pay an additional tax and receive 25p for each pound

The Chief Excutive of Rutland County Council Helen Briggs has also
announced the council paid a student £25,000 to design a new
council logo shown below.

Helen said she loves blue and the use of the colour truly matched
her council and she also felt the use of the acorns and so much green in the old
logo was showing far to much support towards the Green Councillor a
former Libdem

Rutland County College, says Harrington Free School Prospectus, Dishonest, Doubts Trustworthiness of Institutions Catmose College, Oakham School, Uppingham Community College

This evening I attended the Special People (Children) Scrutiny Panel at Rutland County Council.

The meeting was held to consider if Rutland County Council would be making comment to Department
of Education regarding the Catmose College and Uppingham Communtiy College proposal for a free
school (Harrington) which has the full support of Oakham School.

I held my protest before the start of the meeting.

The Catmos College Principle Stuart Williams above with others including a Trustee of Oakham School
gave a proffesional presention and would not be drawn into the very public post 16 dispute we all know is
going on. Of course all created by the Tory Trash at Ruland County Council.

Although I am sure Stuart Williams out of public veiw is a bit of a sly old bugger otherwise he would
not be doing the job he does I am told so well.

Sadly for Rutland County College once again they have shown there desperation. Saying Catmose College were lying and were not impartial when it comes to giving students 16+ advice and they mentioned they
were not invited to the school assemblies. After their presentation they handed out 3 documents to Councillors and public, (public mainly school and college governors)

the documents shown below state the prospectus is dishonest and factually incaccurate, wholly misleading and they go on and on finsihing with largely a work of fiction.

They also say Serious doubts must be raised about the trustworthiness of an instititution that lends its name to such a document.

I find it hard to believe Rutland County College is a proffessional organisation producing stuff like this.

Rutland County College run by Casterston College admitted they run both colleges on two budgets and
are not ready to merge the two as orignally planned.

They fear the approval of a Free School here in Rutland and another in Stamford suggesting Rutland  County College would not be viable.

They pointed out the roll has increased and they only had three months to get the college open after Tresham pulled the plug on Rutland College here in Oakham. It looks to me as if they should have not attempted to gain political favour from Rutland County Council by coming to the rescue of the Tory council which was failing its students and parents. I am sure the council would have fallen if back in that gloomy September there was no 16+ eduction here in Rutland. The management of Rutland County College does have council employees on their managment board, that wont safeguard their college. Rutland Tories spend a life time
stabbing each other in the back that's why we have such a backward council led by thugs liars and bullies like Helen Briggs.

Harrington College has in my view played a trump card by winning the support of Oakham School a good percentage of those sitting on the scrutiny panel attended the school and many still have connections as old oakhamians.

The lady from Rutland County College made a number of errors
she said students would all leave the country, I think she meant

She also was critical of the Harrington proposed selection process
stating Rutland County College were all inclusive and did not
discrimninate (of course accept when giving out awards paid for by
myself and other Oakham tax payers)

The last message displayed from Rutland County College is stupid, Rutland County
Council will have no say in the running or financial side of the Free School, so there
would be no reason for Rutland  County Council to withdraw funding. I am sure
they would if the College ended up with no students.

Harrington state they are not in competition just filling a needed gap.

It will be interesting to see how this develops lets hope the fight does not cost any young
persons future.

I could only stay for two hours so I dont yet know if Rutland County Council is to send any comment to the DFE.

I met a parent in Tesco who told me they had received information from Harrington and they did not see any difference between their proposals and Rutland  County Colleges adding it caused them more confusion.

Documents handed out by Rutland County College.

Springtime Photographs, Butterfly, Bee, Flowers and Blossom

Springtime Photographs, Butterfly, Bee, Flowers and Blossom

The good thing about spring is the return of the green that hides
so much litter and those dreaded bag of dog shit the careful dog
owners toss into the hedges and trees.

Last Month Cllr Lucas Asked Rutland County Council to Replace a Litter Bin This is What they did

Last Month Cllr Lucas Asked Rutland County Council to Replace a Litter Bin This is What they did

New Shop Front and One Less Door, Mill Street, Oakham, Rutland, Photograph

New Shop Front and One Less Door, Mill Street, Oakham, Rutland

Take Away outlet that suffered fire damage some time ago is currently being

This includes a new shop front with a flush door and the loss of one to the right.

Caffe Nero, Oakham, Telephone Number

Caffe Nero, Oakham, Telephone Number

The new coffee shop still does not exist according to the company

The Modern Day Builder, Equality

The Modern Day Builder, Equality

Oakham Level Crossing Works Completed Photograph

Oakham Level Crossing Works Completed Photograph

Tomorrow Oakham Town Council is 40 years too old

Tomorrow Oakham Town Council is 40 years too old

I am sure when the Town Council was founded all
those years ago it served the town.

Forty years later we have a town council in which
no one is interested in. Last years annual town meeting
was a fine example Cllr Alf Dewis then Mayor spoke to
to an empty hall.

The Town Council does not have a mandate from
the people but still collects a high precept to spend
and boost its ego.

Roger Begy Conservative Leader of Rutland County
has even questioned its purpose, suggesting it just serves
Oakham in Bloom.

Most of the members are Homophobic Bullies or Gossips
and dishonest.

80% of its income is spent on adminstration.

The council has no reserves because they were spent
under the chairmanship of Cllr Alf Dewis.

This April they have demmanded an increase to cover
Cllr Dewis £20,000 overspend.

Oakham Town Council 40 years on

Cllr Mrs Maureen Dodds (elected unopposed)

Cllr John Nowell (co-opted)

Cllr Mrs Leanne Martin (co-opted part-time)

Cllr Mrs Joyce Lucas (elected unopposed)

Cllr Charles Haworth (elected unopposed) (Homophobic)

Cllr Adam Lowe (elected unopposed)

Cllr Rob Guthrie (co-opted)

Cllr Stan Stubbs (elected member)

Cllr Alf Dewis (elected unopposed)

Cllr Mrs Jayne Woodcock (co-opted to replace husband who move on to be a Rutland County Councillor)

Cllr Peter Lockett (co-opted)

None of the above listen to input from the public only recently have they changed their standing orders changed by Cllr Dewis because they might give the impression they don't want to listen to the public.

I would say that impression they suspect is true of the irrelavant parish council.

Cllr Dewis laugh at parishes like Uppingham who have worked hard on their local plans, adding they will regret it. At least residents who are forced to accept their parish council throughout Rutland know what their
council is planning. We have not got a clue here in the county town!

The creative Councillors and past Mayors enjoy creating and sharing

Oakham Town Councillor and Former Deputy Mayor created a board game 'Be a right wanker' featuring me

Oakham Town Councillor and Former Deputy Mayor created a board game 

'Be a right wanker' featuring me 

Then sent it to Oakham Town Councillors, Rutland County Councillors and Melton Borough Council Staff.

Its a little unsettling reading his and other councillors e-mails about me.

It is very disturbing to know Cllr Charles Haworth remains a Councillor and he and Cllr Joyce Lucas will be expecting people to come and speak to them about personal issues at their surgery on the 7th December
its no surprise to me that both those councillor served on the Police Joint Action Committee whilst Inspector
Johnny Monks was here in Rutland.

He and other Councillors and not forgetting the Town Clerk seem to have a very sick obsession.
None of them are fit for public office.

For over four years they have lied to the police. Sent me sick perverted communications and created some very bizarre activities for there private amusement.

Goodness knows what I am going to find next.

MP Alan Ducan is mentioned in his rules of play

The photograph of me was taken by Former Oakham Mayor Jim Harrison at Alan Duncan's expenses public meeting, Mr Harrison has often provided images for the offensive and sometimes homophobic handy work of Cllr Charles Haworth.

To: ###########
Subject: Happy Christmas!
17:27:30 +0000

Happy Christmas #####!  Here's something you can use over the holiday period, 
just print and play!



Oakham Jobs 31st March 2014

Oakham Jobs 31st March 2014

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Sugarjobs 30-Mar

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Morrisons Pharmacy  529 reviews - Peterborough
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OnlyFE - Corby
Applicants should have a good all round level of education to include Maths and English to GCSE (Grade A - C) or equivalent level (level 2).... £17,895 - £18,983 a year 11:14

Lotheius - Leicester
We have fantastic part-time work. I need someone serious and for a long term. Please see up on the page my number !!!.... £31,000 - £35,000 a year
Jobandtalent 20:41
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Response Web Recruitment Limited - Leicestershire
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Careers and Jobs UK 12:21

DS McDonald David unique political landscape that exists in Rutland, Cllr Charles Haworth, Homophobic Crude and Crass, Supported by Leicestershire Police

DS McDonald David 'unique political landscape that exists in Rutland' Cllr Charles Haworth, 'Homophobic Crude and Crass' Supported by Leicestershire Police

I wrote a short email to Ds McDonald on Sunday, this morning I recieved his long response. shown in bold below.

Showing Leicestershire Police's support for homophobic hate crimes conducted by Cllr Haworth and co and others since 2009.

Why should I and others who have been attacked by Cllr Haworth and Co, Just 'move on' he and they have committed serious misconduct in public office and their appears to be no way they can be held accountable.

Dear Mr Swingler

I sent a short email to DS McDonald Re Haworth.

He has sent me a long detailed reply.

Cllr Haworth's conduct still effects me and others, his blog described as homophobic, Crude and Crass still remains on-line.

His blog is ranked high by Google, it even appears on page one when searching Oakham Town Council.

Such a high ranking is often given by Google due to a high number of visits, very much like my own blog.

Cllr Haworth is aware of this and his continued refusal to remove the
offending blog in my view is continued unlawful harrasment and would fall within the six month rule mentioned by the detective.

The detectives says I should move on easy for him to say! he has not suffered so many bitter homophobic hate crimes since 2009. All my complaints blocked from the days Inspector Monks up to his involvement.

His personal decision not to prosecute Cllr Haworth has not helped anyone accept Cllr Haworth and Co.

Leicestershire Police clearly support Homophobic hate crimes and have little considersation for those who has been effected by Cllr Haworth's action.

Leicestershire Police has sent out the wrong signal to Councillors and the public, being it is fine in the eyes of Leicestershire Police for a Councillor to be involved in a very long campaign of hate.

He goes onto selectively mentioning one of the judges comments.

If Leicestershire Police had told me in January 2013 that they had arrested
Haworth, instead of playing their silly political games then when DS McDonald arrived to mess up PC Sue Cockerills case against Haworth
he would have not been able to arrest me, because I would not have had to constantly ask Haworth if what his neighbours were telling me was true.
He would have not also needed to clutch at straws by asking Mrs Briggs to join the political prosecution at the last minute with her evidence described by the judge as mostly not evidence. Personally I feel sorry for the officer who was clearly put on the spot, but he created an unsatifactory result and not one I am sure will bring him pleasure when he looks at his record.

So as he he suggests I will visit Oakham Police Station today to make a fresh complaint about Cllr Haworth's "Homophobic Crude and Crass Blog"

As the author of the blog is now public knowledge due to local press coverage and my blog exposure, not only is Councillor Haworth causing me harm, he is also adding to the what the public already thought of their terrible town council


Martin Brookes

Martin Brookes 09:01
To: McDonald David

Dear Sir

Thank you for your long detailed reply to my first direct email to you.

I remember very well what the judge said. I remember him using words that described Haworth as a liar. homophobic. crude and crass.

I dont remember him describing any of my actions in the same way. I do remember to this day how Leicestershire police have supported his and other homophobic hate crimes and how any attempt to help me was blocked by first Monks and then you.

best wishes from

Martin Brookes

Sent from Samsung Mobile

McDonald David ( to contacts 08:26 
To: 'Martin Brookes'
Picture of McDonald David

Dear Mr Brooke’s

Thank you for your email below. As you are aware I am not a member of your local policing team based at Oakham Police Station, I am based in Leicester.
I have no day to day responsibilities for any on going policing issues at Okaham following the conclusion of your trial last year. I wish to clarify with you that my decision not to prosecute Cllr Howarth mentioned in your email below was a decision made entirely by me and not CPS, taking into account all of the circumstances that prevailed at that time. CPS were consulted only after I had made my decision not to prosecute Cllr Howarth and only to ask if they agreed with my decision. I still believe that the correct decision made at that time even though that decision caused you great personal upset. After a review of the evidence CPS did not disagree with my conclusion when presented with the same information.

Martin, you may have over looked the point made by Judge Temperley in your trial last year that your actions did amount to the harassment of Cllr Howarth. However, Judge Temperley found you not guilty of all of the harassment offences after he concluded all of your alleged conduct and actions were ‘reasonable’ taking in to account all of the available information and evidence.  This decision afforded you a statutory defence in law to a charge of harassment. Your defence team were able to introduce evidence and information dating back over many years to support your defence case. The prosecution case however, could only ever rely on evidence in relation to acts that occurred within the last six month period.

Leicestershire Police have tried to resolve some of the more complex community issues and take into the unique political landscape that exists in Rutland. Whilst I have no doubt that you feel you have a genuine grievance against Cllr Howarth, the ongoing mutual dislike of each other is not helpful to bring about any future resolution of these issues. Any decision by Leicestershire Police to investigate an individual doesn’t necessary mean that a prosecution will automatically follow. I know from the content of your letter that you have little faith in Leicestershire Police but we can not keep re investigating old allegations and complaints from you. I have told you that you need to move on from the past and try to put some of these issues behind you.

Any further complaints to police must be made to your local policing team and the new evidence must fit into the appropriate category covered by either the Prevention from Harassment Act or Public Order Act legislation. (The time limit for any prosecution under this legislation is six months from the date of the most recent event)

Any inappropriate (no criminal) behaviour by a local political figure should be referred to either the Town Council or County Council to be dealt with using the appropriate political mechanisms and processes governing standards of professional behaviour.

A great deal of police time and resources and public money has been spent on trying to resolve some of the ongoing issues affecting different people in the Oakham community, including those regarding complaints made by yourself and allegations made against you as well. If Cllr Howarth is continuing to publish materials or is causing you any further (new) harassment then you have the option to report this again to Oakham Police to consider if any new investigation is necessary or even appropriate.

I have in the past spent some considerable time talking through some of these issues with you and trust this email will be of some use to you. I would like to point out that it is not my intention to be rude to you or not respond to any of your emails or phone calls. My main duties are in Leicester. I have no current interest in any investigations linked to Oakham.

I must again emphasis to you that I do not have any direct policing responsibility for any day to day issues in Oakham and these are undertaken by your local safer neighbourhood team based at Oakham so please make contact with them for any on going issues you might have.     
I respectfully send this email for your further information.

DS1591 David McDonald
Leicestershire Police
Force TIC Team
Euston Street Police Station
Freemans Common
Tel:  0116 222 2222 
Fax: 0116 248 3557

Martin Brookes 30/03/2014
Picture of Martin Brookes
To: Detective David McDonald 

Leicesteshire Police


Martin Brookes
13 Willow Crescent
LE15 6EQ

30th March 2014

Dear Sir,

Re: Cllr Haworth

In the court room last year you made a promise to me and my
advocate David Swingler.

I am dissapointed and frustrated you have not followed up that promise
to review my complaint about the criminal activity of Cllr Charles Haworth.

You have an admission of guilt from him. So I can not understand any good reason why he should not be charged for his homophobic hate crimes and misconduct in public office.

Cllr Haworth also commited perjury in court and appears to have got away with that also.

I made a complaint to Rutland County Council's conduct committee this complaint did not reach even the committee. Even though
Councillor Haworth shared emails admitting he sent unsigned post cards on behalf of the residents Oakham, he claims he acted in his private capacity and not as a town councillor this is rubbish because anything if not everything he has used in his vile attacks against me others contained information he obtained through his capcity as a councillor.

I have copied this email to the CPS as I wish to use the Victims' Right to Review Scheme. I understand from what you said in court you personaly decided not to charge Councillor Haworth, strangley PC Cockerill told me it was the CPS. Maybe they can sort out the confusion.

I feel the CPS need to look at this case because we have a town councillor
who apppears to be able to break the law and sit and laugh at his victims.


Martin Brookes

Sunday, March 30, 2014

HMP Ashwell Photographs, Hate Crimes, Leicestershire Police

HMP Ashwell Photographs

Walking around the site today, I was reminded of how the local establishment trash, mainly Tory were planning this time last year for the second time, to send me of to a place like this.

Conservative Rutland County Council Chief Executive Helen Briggs who lied in court under oath.

Former Conservative and Now my independent Rutland County Councillor Gene Plews. Accused me
of destroying Oakham.

The late Mr Tyers

Former Oakham Mayors Jim Harrison and  Paul  Beech

Oakham Town Councillor Joyce Lucas

Oakham Mayor Adam Lowe

Oakham Town Councillor John Nowell

Oakham Town Councillor Alf Dewis

and the worst of the lot Oakham Town Councillor internet troll, hate mail producer, court room liar
homophobic Charles Haworth. Leicestershire  Police refused to name Cllr Haworth as the criminal
until the day of my arrest. Then PC Sue Cockerall was forced to lie for DS McDonald. She told me the
CPS had given instructions that Cllr Haworth should not be charged. She said DS McDonald had attached
a letter to the file. I doubt if the file was ever seen by the CPS because in court DS McDonald who told the truth under oath and said he decided not to charge Haworth, it's disgusting officers can lie outside the court room.

Sgt Chris Wharton of Leicestershire Police, currently a subject of an official legal claim so I will just say he will be running the London Marathon this year for a very good cause.

Sgt Wharton like most public employees is not paid enough so he has set up his company.

It's nearly a year after Leicestershire Police invaded my home and privacy based on lies from the above.
My home has not felt the same since their intrusion.

UKIP Rutland County Councillors Richard Gale Right
Also arrested around the same time.

People say Leicestershire Police is corrupt, it's no surprise when you look at the number of officers who
move in from the Met.

Not much has changed since my court case at the end of last year.

After my court hearing I received a barrage of threatening and homophobic telephone messages from a unknown person.

Leicestershire Police tell me they have traced the caller. PC Icke told me the man was mortified when
he turned up at his home, almost making me feel as I should feel sorry for this man.

I am told he will receive a summons to appear in court, I will be given the summons number not much use
with out a name, court or date.

PC Icke said I will recieve a letter after the man is dealt with, it is anticipated he will plead guilty.

PC Icke said I am the first person who has asked for further details about a court appearance like this one.
he went on to explain if the man pleads not guilty then he and I would be called by the court.

Is this really how Leicestershire Police and the Justice system treat victims of Hate Crimes? I guess it is.

I do not trust Leicestershire Police.

DS McDonald Spoke to my Advocate before the verdict at my trial last year when he realised he had been supporting a liar know as Cllr Charles Haworth and then he spoke to me after the verdicts and repeated
what he had told my Advocate. "Nothing personal Martin and I will be reviewing your complaint
against Haworth"

I now know he lied or he was stopped by higher ranking officers, many people are aware
of Cllr Haworth's friendship with officer like Inspector Johnny Monks a frequent visitor to
Haworth whilst he was using Rutland County Library Computers to post his online hate.
Was the Inspector advising him on what to type in the comfort of the private computer
study room (No3) or asking him to behave I don't think its the latter because the visits
were to frequent.

It is said Cllr Haworth has been used by the local establishment to attack those they
don't like because his medication makes him easy to manipulate. I personally think
he has chosen to be a Homophobic, Anti Semetic nasty piece of work.

I have written to Ds McDonald and the CPS.


Her Majesty's Prison Service serves the public by keeping in custody those
committed by the courts.

Our duty is to look after them with humanity and to help them lead law
abiding and useful lives in custody and after release.

Not sure if this has something to do with the occult experiments
held on site.

I agree with Cllr Alf Dewis the prison site now know as Oakham
Enterprise Park is Conservative Deputy Leader of Rutland County
Councils White Elephant.

No new tenants are taking up units, like the company BAT & BOTTLE
they are either desert the current Oakham industrial estate or the baby
white elephant Ashwell Buisness Park soom to be sold for housing.

Location of the main accomadation blocks


The Di Paolo Building a rather cheap thin memorial plaque damaged

Vale Judo "Britains Most Succesful Judo Chain"