Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Malcolm Plumbs Letter Oakham Town Council Cllr Martin Brookes Tourist Information Notice Board outside the Library.

Malcolm Plumbs Letter Oakham Town Council Cllr Martin Brookes Tourist Information
Notice Board outside the Library.

Over a year ago Oakham Town Councillors and ex Councillors made conduct
complaints against me. The subsequent investigation found me guilty of breaching
the code of conduct, mainly respect toward others. It was pointed out I reacted to
the conduct of others, but two wrongs don't make it right.

I did not take part in the investigation which is said to have cost the tax payers
over £10,000. I hoped my not taking part has saved Rutland Tax Payers a considerable
sum of money.

If i had taken part I could have proved some of the statement given by others contained

I did not have to prove this when it came to the Mayor Cllr Adam Lowe because that
proof spewed out of his own mouth on Rutland Radio news. He lied in his statement.

The monitoring officer said the Council is not working.
Malcom Plumb the temp Clerk and the old Guard led by Adam Lowe and Michael
Haley will not recognise this.

The old guard are a bunch of homophobic bigoted bullies. They not only bully
gay people, they bully anyone who is critical of the Town Council.
A perfect example of this was seen in a email sent by Cllr Adam Lowe to former
Cllr Alan Walters town Councillor and now County Councillor.

The council recently resolved that the chairman Cllr Lowe would send me
a letter which would be approved by full council. The letter would also be sent to
the local press and should be put on the councils website and social media.

To date I have received two letters from Temp Clerk not from the Chairman
and not approved by full council. The second replaced the first which was full of errors.

The second is very defamatory and erroneous , some of the mistakes have been
crossed out. It's amazing what we are paying for such a poor standard of work.
Cllr Joyce Lucas has been enjoying posting the letter in any notice board she can find.

Does the old guard at Oakham Town Council really think that visitors to the
town are really going to take the time to read this unprofessional presentation
from the council? I have asked a few people if they have read it and they have all said
no because it looks a mess and the text is too small for them to see.
Probably I should not point that out because I am sure one of the fools from the
old guard will get it blown up and pasted on the towns bill board!

It is very sad that over a year on the old guard are making such a big issue of
this matter, they could be doing so much more for the town.

The assistant Clerk Allison Greaves is 100% correct when she says the council
is "dysfunctional". I hope she puts her picture back up on the office wall soon
"Welcome to the nut house"