Thursday, October 27, 2016

All Oakham Town Councillors Given a Mystery Single Point of Contact

All Oakham Town Councillors Given a Mystery Single Point of Contact

I say mystery because although the acting clerk states he has brought this into operation with immediate effect he fails to give any details of who or what this single  point of contact is.

When I know I will write to it and ask once again for a copy of the internal audit report!

When I supported this policy I thought I was supporting something that would be imposed
upon very naughty Cllrs or members of the public. or just people the council get fed up with
like RCC do.

To impose the policy in the way the clerk has is daft and makes little sense.
We only employ one fulltime member of staff so I assume that make them a
single employee. Cllrs can visit the office what happens when the both staff are

Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2016 at 12:19 PM
From: "Malcolm Plumb"
To: "'Martin Brookes'"
Subject: Single Point of Contact. New Council Policy

Dear Councillors

I am writing to all Councillors, to confirm that following the Town Councils unanimous decision to approve this new policy, the Assistant Town Clerk and I, will bring this decision into operation with immediate effect.

In summary, this means as follows;

·         Enquiries will be dealt with by a single point of contact via e mail or postal mail only. This includes reports of matters requiring attention eg. Public safety, vandalism, important information, etc.
·         Any unacceptable behaviour during these contacts (eg. Insulting, intimidating, obscene language or bullying etc.) will not be tolerated and will result in calls being terminated without warning and/or telephone numbers/e mail addresses being blocked. A record of such incidents will be retained.
·         The Office and Council Chamber will, of course, remain completely accessible for all formal meetings of Councillors and Council Staff.
·         Visits to the office by Councillors and Members of the Public will continue unchanged, unless a specific ban has been imposed upon individual Councillors or Members of the Public, as a result of past unacceptable behaviour.

I am satisfied that these restraints will not obstruct Councillors from carrying out their duties, responsibilities and roles, or Members of the Public being denied reasonable access to the Town Council Offices.

Please advise of any difficulties encountered during the operation of this new policy

Malcolm Plumb. F.Inst. LCM
Acting Clerk to Oakham Town Council
01572 723627