Thursday, December 08, 2016

Rutland Lions Santa Sleigh Schedule Christmas 2016

Rutland Lions Santa Sleigh Schedule Christmas 2016

Thursday 15th - Uppingham Route 1 - 17.00 start
The Beaches. Hawthorn Road, Hazel Close, Bramble Close, Elizabeth Way, Gainsborough
Road, The Quadrant, Seaton Road to Hornbeam Lane, Newtown Road and Newtown

Friday 16th -- Uppingham Route 2 - 17.30 start
Firs Avenue, Goldfinch Road, Siskin Road. Lime Tree Ave, Caudebec Close, Queens
Road, Johnson Road, Branston Road,

Saturday 17th – Static From 09.00 to 13.00 outside Furley’s, Market Place, Oakham

Saturday 17th – Lyddington (evening)

Sunday 18th (am) - Oakham Santa Fun Run, Catmose Campus, 10.00 to 12.30

Sunday 18th – Oakham Route 1 - 17.30 start
Ryefield, Meadowfield, Summerfield, Greenfield Road, Mayfield, Springfield Way, Oakfield,
Larchfield, Ashfield, Limefield, Sunnyfield, Foxfield Way, Schofield Rd. Withers Close,
Livingstone Close, Griffiths Close, Tabberer Close, Gilmore Close, Southern Close, Kilburn
Road, Kilburn End

Monday 19th – Oakham Route 2 - 17.30 start
The Maltings and Thorpe Manor developments plus, Leighfield Park Estate – Hawthorn
Close, Aintree Ave, Wheatfield Way, Kempton Drive, Haydock Ave, Sandown Close, Stud
Road, Blacksmith Avenue, Martingale Mews, Paddock Avenue, Racecourse Road.

Tuesday 20th -- Oakham Route 3 - 17.00 start
Heron Road, Martin Close, Plover Close, Wren Close, Jay Close, Kestrel Road, Bullfinch
Close, Nightingale Way, Kingfisher Close, Redwing Close, Partridge Way, Chaffinch Close,
Robin Close, Burley Road, Queens Road, Ashwell Road, Barnstedt Drive, Barnstedt
Close, Ashwell Road, IF TIME PERMITS Woodland View, Beech Road, Willow Crescent.

Wednesday 21st -- Oakham Route 4 - 17.30 start
Graffham Drive, Chilton Close, Mendip Road, Hilltop Drive, Redland Road, Ferrers Close,
Hectors Way, Cold Overton Road, John Clare Close, Parkfield Road, Hill Road, Princes
Ave, Westfield Ave, Kings Road.

Thursday 22nd-- Oakham Route 5 - 17.30 start
Alsthorpe Road, Horn Close, Hardwick Close, Normanton Drive, Snelston Close,
Gunthorpe Close, Pickworth Close, Wensum Close, Hambleton Close, Witchley Close,
Brook Close, Tolethorpe Close, Stamford Road, Pilton Close, Sculthorpe Close, Edmonton
Way, Calgary Crescent, Banff Close, Jasper Road, Lethridge Close. Stamford Road.

Friday 23rd – Oakham Route 6 - 17.30 start
Lonsdale Way, Digby Drive, Browning Road, Kennedy Close, Grampian Way, Cheviot
Close, Alpine Close, Snowdon Ave, Malvern Walk, Cotswold Walk, Pentland Court,
Hudson Close, Finch Ave, Churchill Road, Alexander Crescent, Mountbatten Road,
Braunston Road, Glebe Way, Warn Crescent, Hanbury Close, IF TIME PERMITS
Harrington Way, Noel Ave.

Saturday 24th (Christmas Eve) -- Oakham Route 7 - 16.00 start
Brook Road, Tyne Road, Glen Drive, Witham Ave, Chater Road, Welland Way, Nene
Crescent, Balmoral Road, Windsor Drive, Sandringham Close, Buckingham Road,
Derwent Drive, Welland Way, Severn Close, Calder Close, Wreake Walk, Shannon Way,
Dove Close, Don Close, Spey Drive, Tay Close, Dee Close, Trent Road, Forth Close.