Friday, January 20, 2017

Oakham Town Council Meeting Agenda 25th January 2017

Oakham Town Council Meeting Agenda 25th January 2017

Above Oakham Town Council website since August 2016

I do wish Oakham Town Council would just stop being so stupid, wasteful and awkward.

We spent a fortune on a new scanner copier meant to make the office staff's job easier, it is
just used as a normal photocopier.

The law changed many years ago permitting Cllrs to receive agendas and supporting
documents electronically.

Oakham Town Council refuses to do this.

Oakham Town Council also refuses to permit Cllrs to collect the agenda or supporting
documents, which would save Oakham taxpayers hundreds of pounds a year on postage.

Since June last year the council has failed to comply with the law and publish agenda
minutes, Budget, Audit Reports etc on-line.

For over six months now the residents have not been able to access their Cllrs contact details.

People are moaning at me because they can no longer hear members clearly in my video
recordings because Oakham Town Council no longer permit recording equipment on the
table at meetings because they do not want the public seeing and hearing what they do.

I think this is 2017 and not the 1970's Oakham Town Council needs to move out of the
dark ages.

Why should a Cllr have to pop up to town and photographs of the agenda to find out what
is going on at the council they are a member of?