Wednesday, February 01, 2017

February is LGBT History Month Leicestershire Police and Rutland

February is LGBT History Month Leicestershire Police and Rutland


London Pride 2010

If you live in Rutland you will find it hard to find any public organisation recognising this month.

I once asked Oakham Town Council why they were not flying the flag and was told "Oakham Town Council does not like gay people" thank goodness they recognise that we are people.

Leicestershire Police always fly the flag out of our county often at their HQ I find this odd when you
consider the many officers who are who have been homophobic.

I always remember Sgt Foster telling me I deserve all I get when I attempted to report Homophobic
conduct, carried out by an Oakham Town Councillor.

A gross misconduct hearing for eight officers who used mobile phone apps to exchange homophobic and other offensive message has been adjourned until a later date.

The proceedings started on Monday 16 January and were adjourned on Friday 20 January.

On their website they say

A further notice will be published on this website once a date has been set for when the case will resume.

I very much doubt they will start up again this month, think of the publicity that is likely to be created if this eight officers were sacked during LGBT history month.

If these officers are guilty of mocking gay and disabled people then they should be sacked
in the same way officers in another force were last month for mocking a rape victim. Everyone
should be able to trust they will be treated the same b the police regardless of who they are.

February is LGBT History Month - a time when across the country accept Rutland were we celebrate and reflect on LGBTQ+ lives throughout history. Importantly 2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of male homosexuality.