Thursday, February 02, 2017

Oakham Town Council 8th February 2017 Agenda

Oakham Town Council 8th February 2017 Agenda

There is a change for the good at the council, some letters addressed to the council
are now being presented to all members to consider, in the past so often letters
arrive at the office for Councillors and only the chairman and staff
have seen them. It is such a shame Cllr Lowe our Mayor only decided 
to make improvements at the council this year and not last year a the beginning of his 

I have decided to publish all my emails to the council and councillors
due to one of our councillors deciding they would share my emails with members
of the public without my consent.

Dear Adam Lowe (Chairman)

Re Agenda for meeting of 8th February 2017

I am very concerned to see my agenda item regarding outsourcing the councils accounts is not included in the agenda
for next weeks meeting. I made my request in December 2016 and was not told it could b included in the December
or January meeting and it would be included in the February meeting.

I am also concerned about the random use of exempting items.

Up until this meeting the cemetery management reports and decision have always been public, I question the need for 
the matter to be exempted now.

I notice the OCC centre it is not exempt  it's rather yo! yo! like and it is no surprise people find it difficult to know what comments
are confidential or not. I am not suggesting this item is made exempt. When the item is discussed will Cllr Haley being explaining 
to us what is actually happening with the lease and why he thinks its fine for us to have given the keys to the Ark Association before
any legal agreement or lease has been agreed by council and of course signed by both parties. It is my opinion that this matter is being 
handled unprofessionally and this is proven by the complaints relayed to the councils office via from The Ark Association. This property is 
public property and we should be exercising a lot more due diligence.

I would request that the conduct matter is made exempt. I am told the statement and decisions relate to me.
I would like to know who the report author is and their intention. The office has told me the report is about me but does 
not name me? I am told I have to wait until my agenda arrives Friday to see the report. My agenda never arrives before 

All council documents relating to the meeting including the summons should be sent electronically to members who request them 
via that method as soon as they are published. I have made this request more than once,  The Clerks refusal to accept my requests
permitted by localism Act 2011 is unlawful.

It is unacceptable that any member of this council has to photograph an agenda in the notice board, A document which any
member of the public can ask for a copy but the council refuses to supply to its own Cllrs.

I am told the website is going live tomorrow after nearly 6 months with out. Will the office be publishing the agenda and supporting
document on the site as required because this could help end some of this stupidity I am currently subjected to.

Martin  Brookes

Dear Adam Lowe (Chairman)

Re Agenda for meeting of 8th February 2017

Why are we going to consider a business plan for the OCC building? or should I ask why are we once again working backwards?
When I suggested we should have a business plan for this and the cemetery at the informal group meetings over a year ago. 
I was ridiculed for suggesting this by Ex Cllr Dewis, Cllr Haley and Cllr Stubbs.


Martin  Brookes