Monday, February 06, 2017

Oakham Mayor Adam Lowe thinks unlawful conduct is a storm in a teacup

Oakham Town Council Appendix M Oakham Town Partnership

Oakham Mayor Adam Lowe thinks unlawful conduct is a storm in a teacup
no wonder he no longer a special constable he probably never arrest anyone :-)

By a miracle since Cllr produced his agenda report below the missing minutes he mentions have
now appeared.

Adam is either being awkward or he has something to hide, he refuse to provide me with a copy
I shall have to wait until Rutland County Council respond to my FOI

I personally think Adam could be protecting his old friend who resigned from the council for unlawful conduct.

Adam has a problem with the use of the word unlawful, I am not sure what other word should be used.

If the law states it is unlawful for any councillor to enter into any agreement without the consent of the full council and they do then surely their conduct is unlawful. In this case like his old friends
the councillor or councillors have acted without any knowledge of the full council and incurred
an expense of £31,293.25 The law is very clear the council is responsible for this and the law state the councillor or councillors should pay.

I am not sure why Adam Lowe is also asking us to consider discussing how money should be
spent with an organisation that conspired to defraud the town council of £61,000

Sent: Monday, February 06, 2017 at 11:26 AM
From: "Adam Lowe"
To: MJHaley , "Peter Ind" , "Stan Stubbs" , "Joyce Lucas" , "Vince Howard" , "Sally Anne Wadsworth" , "Richard Haynes" , "Martin Brookes"
Subject: OTP

Dear ALL

Just so you are all aware, I have now been forwarded the OTP minutes and I will be going through them with a fine tooth combe.

In the meantime can we keep the e-mail traffic to a minimum as it is a storm in a teacup and some people are getting all excited about nothing.


Adam Lowe

Sent: Monday, February 06, 2017 at 12:29 PM
From: "Adam Lowe"
To: "Martin Brookes"
Cc: "Joyce Lucas" , "Michael Haley" , "Peter Ind" , "Richard Haynes" , Sally-Anne , "vince howard" , "Stan Stubbs"
Subject: Re: Joyce figure it out

No I cannot send you any documents as I am not authorised to do so.

FOI needs permission to be shared.

Unless you have evidence that a Councillor has acted unlawfully I would
suggest you refrain from making such claims.


Adam Lowe

I wonder if Mr Lowe is suggesting no councillor agreed this with the town partnership if
he is then why does he not just say so.

The Town Partnership Letter states meeting took place with Oakham Town Council
the council was not aware of those meetings so some one or more have acted unlawfully
or the Town Partnership is mistaken?