Saturday, February 04, 2017

Oakham Town Council May Walk Away From Taking Over Cemetery From Rutland County Council

Oakham Town Council May Walk Away From Taking Over Cemetery From Rutland County Council

It would appear mini Alf Cllr Michael Haley has messed up again.

It hard to believe he actually read his election propaganda or maybe he just cut and pasted it from another good cllrs leaflet?

After publicly voting twice over the last year we are being asked to vote on the cemetery at next Wednesdays meeting in secret. If it goes the way Cllr Michael Haley wishes because he makes things personal, then I think people will certainly start questioning the purpose of this dreadful pointless town council.

I ask the residents in Oakham SE Ward who I represent, how they would like me to vote at 
next Wednesday's meeting? 

Do they want me to vote for us to continue with the taking over of the cemetery maintenance?
And do they want me to vote for the town council to stop paying Rutland County Council any
money towards the maintenance of the cemetery? 

Dear Michael Haley

Firstly can I thank you for providing us with a report The first from the working group in almost a year.

I do not see the need for the recommendations to be exempt. Once the vote is cast I am told the outcome will be public knowledge.

The outcome may even result in questions being asked about the purpose of the town council, So I can see why you might what to keep
this all hidden from the public.

I have spoken to Rutland County Councillors today I did not discuss the content of your report with either.
One of the County Councillors did mention some points and offers made by RCC which you have indicated in your report, that Councillor
is not a member of any working group connected to the cemetery, It would appear RCC have shared all information progress or lack with all their
members and therefore it appears they don't consider this a confidential item.

I was pleased to read you had told Rutland County Council that the working group has no delegated powers to make decisions.
Then I am not pleased due to the working groups failure to bring questions from RCC to council. In March 2016 this council agreed my proposals
which were quite clear, the working group was meant to bring regular updates to council and seek the authority to act. Some of the demands made upon RCC included in your report I had not seen before and may not have supported those demand's. The working group has acted unlawfully many times I read the council wants RCC to do etc. The Council did not make any of those demands. It was my understanding that the role of the working group was to find out what was required and then for council to give instructions to the group as we went along. Cllr Stan Stubbs can be heard on the video saying I am not doing as he tells me. It is very clear that you and him and the rest of the working ignored the councils instructions and just went away and did your own thing ignoring the councils minuted instructions. Not my instructions.

Your random use of confidentiality is very confusing. You have published all the confidential terms provisionally agreed between the Council and The Ark Association. Now the public will know the Ark Association a profitable company is only paying £100 a month for the first year. A good return on a property valued at over £1,000 a month in poor condition. Its great that the Town Council is seeking a good return on its publicly owned assets.