Thursday, March 09, 2017

Oakham Town Council Meeting 8th March 2017 Video

Oakham Town Council Meeting 8th March 2017 Part One

Oakham Town Council Meeting 8th March 2017 Part 2

Another dreadful meeting of Oakham Town Council

we co-opted three new members but I do not know to which wards.

The Assistant Clerks conduct during the early part of the meeting
was very unprofessional particularly at the point she read a list of
correspondence which was meant to become an agenda item.
She read it so quickly I could not say who had written to the council.

Cllr Joyce Lucas BEM was permitted to read a statement during
a item about trees where she publicly states I have been lying and
harassing staff and Councillors for the last two years.

During an exempt item not shown in the video we discussed a
matter already made public in a staffing committee meeting
The request to appoint an extra member of staff to assist the assistant
Clerk the main reason for this need was given by the Chairman Adam
Lowe was due to the assistant clerk spending one hour a week dealing
with emails. My question is what is being done during the other
39 hours a week.

 I am not the reason this council is not working, it has not worked for
years I remember reading reports from Rutland County Council
in 2009 describing it as dysfunctional. In my opinion nothing has
changed, it has got worse.

The chairman pointed out in the meeting the long list of failings
regarding the review of policies and procedures all failings made
by the office. I will leave it there for now.