Thursday, May 18, 2017

Oakham Town Council 2017 - 2016 Accounts Objections

Dear Oakham Town Council

I am obliged to notify you of my following objections which I am raising with the external auditor.

1. The 2016 - 2017 internal audit report is incorrect, the last page of comments from the internal auditor
is the same as 2015 -2016 and dated 10th June 2016

The report although it appears to be signed by the external auditor is it is not dated.

2. I will be objecting to the two electronic payments made totally £18,000
When I asked to inspect the accounts the council refused by right denying me my
right as an elector, The Clerk has ticked box 4 on the return saying those rights were given.
Eventually I was provided with a bank statement to show the transactions with the
recipients name crossed out. I obtained copies of all the exempt minutes of meeting
Cllr Adam Lowe unlawfully excluded* me from and I can find no minute were the council
gives the its authority for this sum to be paid. The council is required by law to separately
approve all payments over £5000 and there is no evidence of this being done the
minutes simply state the council will pay the former clerk the sum of money he wants.

3. I will be object to the £1000 paid in a lump sum to the Chairman Cllr Adam Lowe
are own regulations state this money should be paid monthly upon the office receiving

4. I will also be objecting to the money paid to replace the bandstand railing as this
was not approved by full council.
I accept the initial work to make the bandstand safe falls within the authority
of the Clerks powers. Replacement of the Railing many months later did not
fall within that.

5. I will also be objecting to Cllr Michael Haley's agreement to right of a substantial
debt from a former tenant, when the council own solicitor wrote mediation is part of the
process we have to go through and the former tenant had no case not to pay the
full debt due.

I will be asking the auditor to look into the allegation made by former councillors
that there is a slush fund most members do not know about.

I request this email is attached to the minutes of the extraordinary meeting
of the council Wednesday 24th May 2017 as part of my objection to
the accounts, annual governance statement and the annual return.


Cllr Martin Brookes OSE

*Unlawfully excluded a recent conduct investigation found that I had not breach the
code of conduct when Cllr Adam Lowe excluded me.

The same applies when former Cllr Alf Dewis did the same when I tried to raise
questions about end of year accounts which he was eventually found to have
acted unlawfully.

I hope at the next meeting Cllr Michael Haley is going to permit me to speak
without interruption and without the constant threat of unlawful exclusion
from meetings.