Monday, May 22, 2017

Oakham Town Council Public Toilet Cleaning Contract

Oakham Town Council Public Toilet Cleaning Contract

An excellent opportunity to make plenty of money from Oakham Tax Payers
If you are successful with your tender and then don't like the conditions of the
contract don't worry the office will just change it to suit you and not the public
user who pay for the service.

The office has advertised for tenders, The Councillors have not seen or approved
the tender documents, don't worry that's the sloppy way things are done at Oakham
Town Council.

We don't even check you have cleaned the loo's and when people complain they
stink to some Cllrs we check and Cllr Adam Lowe then suggests we are lying
when we try and raise the concern at meetings.
Even when you spend a few days observing the cleaner does not turn up.

Our budget was recently the budget will tell you how much you should tender

The budget should be published on-line, but it is not and that is just another
failing of the council.
You can ask the clerk for a copy of the budget to help you out.

I forgot to mention the council we even pay for the supplies such as
soap which you are meant to provide as part of the contract.