Monday, June 19, 2017

Oakham Town Council Extra Meeting Friday 23rd June 2017 Agenda

Oakham Town Council Extra Meeting Friday 23rd June 2017 Agenda

Oakham Mayor Cllr Michael Haley and Former Oakham
Deputy Mayor Former Cllr Richard Haynes

The Chairman has called a third extra meeting in a month
all called due in my opinion to his incompetence  and bullying.

The Deputy Mayor resigned at the weekend mainly due to
The Mayors, Cllr Haley's poor management style.
Cllr Haynes lost it in a meeting last Wednesday and fortunately
my video of the meeting was corrupted. I don't blame Mr Haynes
for his actions the fault is he joined a very dysfunctional town council
and his frustrations boiled over.

Cllr Haley fails to recognise that he is a bully and he just might
be doing things wrong.

Rutland County Councillor Oliver Bird resigned from what is
meant to be community led Neighbourhood Plan Steering group
he says the plan is not community led and is led by Oakham Town
Council. The last claim is not true. The town council does not lead
it Cllr Michael Haley does. The Town Council has not contributed
any input into the plan.
Last week the Chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Resigned.

At our last Council meeting Cllr Anne Skipworth said the Big Survey
sent out by the Neighbourhood plan was rubbish. I totally agree
and the return rate is not as high as Cllr Haley Reports to Council
he says one figure the plans website says another.

Cllr Haley attended one meeting at Rutland County Council in
April and nobody attended a meeting in February and Cllr Council
Haley decided that the council would not be interested in giving
any input into the major plans Rutland County Council is planning
to carry out in 2018 in Oakham Town Centre.

At the meeting on Friday we are also being asked to review the locum or
consultant clerks contract we should have done that at the last meeting and
Cllr Haley prevented me from pointing it out at the meeting.