Sir Alan Duncan MP

Sir Alan Duncan MP for Rutland & Melton and Former Minister of State for International

Speech given by Sir Alan Duncan at the Royal United Services Institute on the Middle East Peace Process. 

Sir Alan Duncan lent his support to the UK conducting air strikes against ISIS targets in Iraq. Video

Sir Alan Duncan has been appointed as the Government’s Special Envoy to Yemen and Special Envoy to Oman.

Sir Alan Duncan MP, Rutland Times Cartoon

Sir Alan Duncan MP more time to monitor Rutland County Council, Rutland Times Letter, Ashley Chorely

Sir Alan Duncan MP for Rutland and Melton with Helen Briggs Chief Executive of Rutland County Council, 

Rt Hon Sir Alan Duncan MP, Rutland and Melton The Queen approves honour of Knights Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George

Alan Duncan MP, Rutland County Council, This groundless sniping should stop. Mercury Letter

Sir Alan Duncan Rutland & Melton MP David Cameron accused of “abusing” honours system, 'patronage for old boys’ club' 

consulting on improving urgent care services in East Leicestershire and Rutland. MP Alan Duncan, Cllr Christine Emmett

Alan Duncan MP returns to Twitter, Oakham Best Place to Live?

Rutland & Melton MP Alan Duncan issued the following statement:

Alan Duncan Rutland and Melton MP, Twitter Statement

Alan Duncan ex-Department for International Development minister, out of work again. Centre Bus Require Drivers