Rutland Local Plan 2016 - 2036 Local Plan Review Consultation Draft Plan Rutland County Council


Rutland County Council is run by an overpaid Conservative Chief Executive Helen Briggs
Who Enjoys a very special relationship with the local police.

Former Tory and Independent Councillors have joined  UKIP
are a regular piece of street furniture here in Oakham

Former Tory Military Nut and my councillor Gene Plews complains
the Council is led by a Dictatorship.

Rutland County Council has over the years been honoured by Private


Those Rotten Boroughs Awards in full
Municipal mischief, Issue 1357
Runners-up Scarborough borough council threatened to close down a website, Real Whitby, which had carried embarrassing stories about councillors. Chief legal officer Lisa Dixon demanded that “defamatory and untrue” material be removed. Real Whitby asked for examples, but Dixon could not provide any. WinnersRutland county council, which set aside £90,000 of taxpayers’ money to seek an injunction against three of its own councillors (the “Rutland Anti-Corruption Party”) who had been asking awkward questions. The council tested the water by prosecuting another critic, blogger Martin Brookes, for “harassing and stalking” chief exec Helen Briggs. District judge John Temperley found Brookes not guilty, declaring: “Freedom of expression is an essential function of a democratic society. It is applicable also to those who offend and shock.” A hero on the bench!