Sunday, July 24, 2016

Oakham Town Councils Magic Tree Appreciation Society

It is no surprise that Oakham Town Council is not working. The Loony Councillors
spend most of their time planning and plotting to make my life hell.

The current Mayor Adam Lowe recently wrote stating he would no longer be influenced
by mindless outside idiots. He never tells the truth.

Some time ago I was sent a lot of emails showing the extent of what was has been going on.
At the time I did not publish them all then.

I publish them now because as far as I am concerned the campaign is still going on.

Seven Years of Crap, according to one of the emails was started by Cllr Charles Haworth
and Ex Mayor Jim Harrison with others mainly councillors in a Rutland Chat Forum
run by Rutland County Council

Leicestershire Police and Rutland County Council are fully aware of what goes
on and have wasted millions of pounds of taxpayers money supporting these
rotten homophobic bullying people connected to Oakham Town Council

Cllr, Charles Haworth spent a lot of time setting up fake profiles
on Gaydar this email has a screen shot attached of one the profile he created squirrelgrey
I was not aware of this one but was very aware of other which contained images of boys.
Many Councillors were aware of what he was doing.

To: ##############
Subject: I've started...
I've started, I will sort some pics out.  Doesn't matter if it doesn't hook him, I'll keep trying until I find what does.
 Ruddles has resigned from the Magic Tree Appreciation Society, for quite understandable reasons.  She can't devote her life to MB baiting, and in reality he is in the bag, discredited, despised, avoided and ignored by everybody.  
 I just feel he needs his fun spoiling on Gaydar, even if it's because he is being blocked my people who have Oakham/Rutland profiles and over hears himself referred to as a loony

This email sent to Robin King in a response to his shows how Leicestershire Police 
switched to me rather than dealing with the real problem Cllr Haworth and his
fellow Cllrs and ex Cllr friends. 

From: ################
Subject: RE: Sending you flowers....Happy online friend's day

Going to be let off??? Do they realise the extent of his harassment both on and offline?? Obviously not.
Charles was Lardboy and freely admitted it at one point but backtracked and denied it ever since. Rasputin really was who he claimed to be and we worked out the link that knew both me and 'im, it really is a small world sometimes.
Got to dash as am off to work, have a part time job in a shop in town and love it. I start at 12 and still need to get ready...


Subject: RE: Sending you flowers....Happy online friend's day

Nice to hear from you too, Dot.
Charles (alias Lardboy and possibly Rasputin as well, you tell me!) was also arrested but there are signs that he is going to be let off and all police attention has switched to Brookes. Although I suspect Charles’ political career has been destroyed in the process.
I too have tried to keep out of it and I am also glad I did.


To: Robin King
Subject: RE: Sending you flowers....Happy online friend's day

Hi Robin,

Wow, I haven't looked at his blog for quite some time and I had no idea he had been arrested.  I worked out who everyone was on the various forums, didn't like the way it was all going so took a step back from it all. I'm glad I did too.

I never did hear back from Lee or the forum hosts about why everything vanished all of a sudden, I only started up the latest forum as a temporary measure until we all decided what to do but it seems that everyone has moved on naturally and found other ways to keep in touch.
Good to hear from you and thanks for letting me know.


To: #############
Subject: RE: Sending you flowers....Happy online friend's day
Hi Dotty,
I hope you read this eventually.
Today I read your post in response to Apple. I think you should read He Who Shall Not Be named’s blog and bring yourself up to date with police activities surrounding his attempts to continue as a photographer and blogger.
Sounds somewhat similar to what Apple reported in Bristol.

Cllr Charles Haworth spent his time visiting the library and posting offensive homophobic
comments on this blog each time he would take a screen shot of his comment and email
other Councillors and Council staff at Melton Borough Council. 
While he did this he was often visited by Inspector Monks. Inspector Monks 
said he never visited Oakham Library, although I had a photo to prove he had.

To: #############
Subject: blog comment today

I've lost my rag, time to get nasty and nastier

Cllr Haworth and others use proxy servers to attempt to cover up their poor
online conduct.

Subject: Are you using this?
To: ##########

Dotty darling,
I am using this to look on enemy sites, it stops them seeing your IP address.  A bit clumsy, but I am assured it works

Hi Martin,

Some quick snippets of info for you...

A couple of email addresses that Haworth has been known to use over the years and the name that appears on sent emails, might be worth doing a quick search to see what appears; = Lawrence Ardbuoy = Charles Haworth

This is a couple of the rather childish aliases used on the forums by Harrison and Haworth at various times;

Fannie Hare
Tess Tickles

These are a couple of usernames and IP addresses that I made a note of at the time, I can't remember why I kept them but again might be worth looking at;


Apologies for cluttering up your inbox but I am not sure what is useful and what isn't so thought I would send all!


I got around to doing a search as suggested.  Lawrence Ardbuoy

Also it appears he has a habit of trolling on various sites including giving reviews
on local authors books all negative.

By Lawrence Ardbuoy 

Sadly no literary merit at all. A deluge of unrelated facts that are all in the public domain are used to reinforce some absurd hypotheses - this is the usual literary device of the extremist and the only one the author has any mastery of. It is such a shame that someone can waste their life in this manner.

By Lawrence Ardbuoy
44 pages of the most unimaginable shite!

Whilst Cllr Haworth is not trolling he is creative and distributed a Christmas game he
created about me.

Subject: Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas Dotty!  Here's something you can use over the holiday period, just print and play!


When I was arrested for displaying a tiny image in the council notice board
which had been sent to me and originally not deemed offensive by Inpsector
Monks, Cllr Haworth sent the following email to Cllrs and others.


Gloat away!!!!

Oakham Town Councillors who are so interested in my personal life, were so pleased
to receive a email from ex Mayor Jim Harrison with an attached photo of Luke Patrick
he was and has never been my boyfriend, he is the window cleaners.

> From:
> To:
> Subject: MB
> This is Martian Borrocks boyfriend Luke Patrick

As far back as 2010 Cllr Haworth was sending links to his homophobic crude and crass blogs 
to Councillors others proving many lied when they said they knew nothing about them.

Subject: some links

some links

Cllr Haworh sent out instructions about the various blog contents I am not sure which
it refers to Ex Mayor Jim Harrison is included so it is no surprise he is included
I don't know who Andrew Castle is?

Subject: I DON'T LIKE IT!

I don't like the the new blog, it written from the wrong viewpoint, it is a huge mistake to start defending OTC.

It needs to be written from the viewpoint of members of the public complaining about him trying to take over the council.

I hope to speak to all of you ASAP



Here Cllr Haworth acknowledges his and others abuse.

Subject: He's ranting very nicely..
Some beautiful ranting on Neptune! 
Does he sign on in Leicester on Monday?  He will no doubt be bizzy at the police station reporting this latest abuse 

Then Cllr Haworth finds ex Mayors Jim Harrison vile attacks against me something 
worth sharing.

Subject: Jim's Blog

Have a peek at Jim's blog, that's the way to do it, MB will be fuming and can only show himself up by his answer

Cllr Haworth often forgot what he sent people, in this email Jim Harrison is mentioned as running 
away, which he did do and then lies to the recent investigator by denying his conduct which
I can prove.

Subject: Did I send you this?

I can't remember if I sent you this!!

We are now poking him on his facebook group.  For some reason, he just seems not to be able to cope with battling Jim and is running away from the scrap.

I know it's a bit late to tell you, but Saturday morning at 10:00am the place to be is Oakham High St, he is set up to have a tantrum in public!

Cllr Haworth also sent out a number invitations for other Councillors to set up blogs to abuse me
and contribute to one which is included in this email invite.

Subject: You have been invited to contribute to Stop Martin Brookes

The Blogger user Stop Martin Brookes has invited you to contribute to the blog: Stop Martin Brookes.

To contribute to this blog, visit: 

You will need to sign in with a Google Account to confirm the invitation and start posting to this blog. If you do not have a Google Account yet, we will show you how to get one in minutes.
To learn more about Blogger and starting your own free blog visit

Cllr Haworth was at times cautious and gave instructions to close down blogs 
Planet Neptune was very nasty and used to blackmail me. I remember reporting this 
and another to Sgt Foster and he said you deserve all you get.

Subject: Neptune..

If I were you I would close down the Neptune99 email address you created, a pain I know, but I am thinking ahead....

Cllr Haworth was never to busy to share screen shots of my blog posts after he 
had posted his crude homophobic comments via Rutland County Councils computers

Subject: Screen shots of his blog today....

Some screen shots of his blog today and a couple of comments

Subject: I attached the wrong one

This is the right one, please discard the other

When Cllr Haworth was arrested the police should have looked at his email
accounts and they would have found enough evidence to charge him.

Cllr Haworth took a look at my Gaydar Profile and shared screen shots with 
many Councillors and ex Cllrs 

Subject: MB profile

I summoned my courage and withheld the spew and had a look at MB's latest profile.  My, he has put a lot of work in recently.
Don't go on any profiles on Gaydar until I've talked you through the settings, you don't want to leave tracks etc.
Some time this week, we can get on the phone and go through Gaydar profiles?

Cllr Haworth shared screen shots of a profile used to attack me online 

Tish Holland, was used to post on school sites telling parents I was risk to their children.

This time the user was trolling the Leicester Gay Choir Facebook page.

Subject: Another victory for Tish on Facebook!

Cllr Haworth enjoyed sharing the harm he and his fellow Cllrs cause me.

Subject: He's ranting...

MB has totally lost it and is ranting.  I will send you his press release. 

Cllr Haworth and other Councillor past and present use a number
of fake facebook accounts Cllr Haworth uses them to share video 
clips of me. I have not yet found out where our Mayor Adam Lowe is
posting his current clips for their pleasure.

Subject: video clip

Dotty dearest,
if you go to Lucy Tate's facebook page, there is a great clip of MB playing up at the Annual Town Meeting last night!

Ex Mayor Jim Harrison distributed photographs of me for a giggle.

Show all 8 attachments (319 KB)  Download all  Save all to OneDrive - Personal

> From:
> To: ##############################################
> Subject: Pictures
> Have a giggle, where the feck is the forum, has it closed down? 

Ex Mayor Jim Harrsion distributed links to the blog described by the district judge
as "homophobic crude and crass" finding it very funny.

The content was mainly produce by Cllr Haworth with a small contribution from
Ex Mayor Paul Beech

> From:
> To: 
> Subject: Link
> Have a look at this, hilarious 

What I find interesting about this next email although is was written in 2010 
it could have been written last year.
Back then Councillors had Cllr Haworth to instruct them to write conduct 
complaints and in some case according to other emails he stayed up all
night righting them for others they had Geoff Pook offering conciliation etc.

Disgraced ex Mayor Alf Dewis took over that role from Cllr Haworth 
and now its the job of Cllr Lowe.

This email gives instruction to a former Cllr Alan Kelly, ex Mayor Sue Tyer and 
Ex Mayor Paul Beech.

Subject: FW: Standards Complaints

Please can everybody who got this email from Pook send a similar replly to mine?

Subject: RE: Standards Complaints

Dear Mr Pook
Thank you for your correspondence.  I regret to say, after careful consideration, that I do not feel it would be appropriate to participate in any form, or combination, of mediation, conciliation with Cllr Brookes.  Nor do I think he would benefit from any training.
It is quite clear to me that there is a very urgent need for the Standards Board to fully investigate Cllr Brookes' behaviour in office and his conduct towards other elected members, OTC employees and members of the public.  I am sure you will understand this.
Kind Regards
Charles Haworth
07857 635 692

Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2010 09:50:28 +0100
Subject: Standards Complaints

Hello Charles.
The Assessment Sub-Committee yesterday considered your complaints. 
As I believe you are aware, there are multiple complaints relating to Oakham Town Councillors in the system at present.  Looking at the overall picture, the Sub-Committee is of the opinion that the primary public interest lies in all those concerned reaching a working relationship which will provide a sound foundation for the Town Council to move forward with its business.  Members believe that this applies to those parties who are not currently councillors to much the same extent as it applies to serving members.  A healthy democratic body needs differences of views on issues which come before it, but it does seem that too many peripheral matters are dominating the life of the Town Council.
The Sub-Committee has adjourned its consideration in order that I might ask all the complainants and subject members if they would be prepared to participate in some form, or combination, of mediation, conciliation or training.  It would be preferable if such "other action" was engaged in jointly by all parties, although action involving only some of the parties could be considered.
I must emphasise that no decisions have been made yet.  If the Sub-Committee does decide eventually to refer any of the complaints for action other than formal investigation, that would not imply a belief that there has or has not been a breach of the Code, but it would be the sole route that the complaint would take: the matter could not be referred for investigation subsequently.
I should be grateful if you would give this matter careful consideration and let me know whether you would be willing to participate.  It would help if you could respond by 5.00 pm on Tuesday 20 April, but please advise me if you feel that you need more time.   

Rutland County Council

Customer Service Centre: 01572 722 577

Email Enquiries:
Council Website:
Community Portal:

The views expressed in this email are those of the author and may not be official policy.
Internet email should not be treated as a secure form of communication.
Please notify the sender if received in error.

To: ##################
Subject: Complaint to Standards Board
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2010 04:04:52 +0100

I have stayed up half the night writing your complaint to the Standards Board.  Whew! Though I say so myself, it is a real stinker.  It needs a little tarting up in the morning, and then I will send it to you both. 

Talk soon


Cllr Haworth shares another blog comment 

Subject: FW: [Martin Brookes] New comment on BBQ.

Apologies for sharing with you, but this has been better than the telly tonight!

Subject: [Martin Brookes] New comment on BBQ.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "BBQ": 

We all know Gordon cottages, bless him! 

But UGH! having a relationship with you, now that's DIRTY!!!!


Cllr Haworth continues to share screen shots of his vile comments
in the end I turned of the comments as they level of comments
posted by Cllr Haworth and other councillors and his friend had
become to obscene. They are all currently archived.

Subject: It just gets better and better....

It just gets better and better.  I am making these screengrabs because I suspect it won't be around for ever and we will be talking about it for ages....
...or tell me I'm sad and not to bother

Cllr Haworth distributed links to another blog he had created to attack me 
and another Oakham resident.

Subject: Read this

Read this:

Thank you!

Attached is Pender's book, good for a damn good laugh!

From: #################
To: LB

Subject: Password change

Have changed the password on Planet Neptune to something a little more secure. It is now


Random choice of numbers at the end there or what??  

Passwords for blogs attacking me and others were shared among those Councillors and 
Ex Cllrs who wanted to contribute.

Cllr Haworth shared photographs taken at my birthday celebrations

Subject: It's birthday night out

Hideous photos for your amusement


Cllr Haworth found this letter sent to me so amusing he decided to email it to many.

Subject: FW: Letter


Dear Brooksby

It is incredible how long a person can take money from the state whilst doing jack, as you do.
It is about time you put some effort into finding a job instead of being a burden on society.

You swan around all day with your daft canera pretending to be, well I don't know what really, are
some kind of reporter, journalist or batman without the cloak..... I do know you are a joke, every
time you appear on the scene at an event people just start laughing at you.

Even your town council buddies, is it true they are blocking all communication with you, have
you not noticed how replies to pointless e-mails have stopped... you claim this is another
conspiracy as you always do, well this one is, it would appear all the people you come into contact
with, write about, take pictures of well just about everyone, they are being informed that you have
mental health problems and that you have not taken your medicine.....

Well Brookes, keep plugging away at the system and you should get a few more claims against the
council, you are causing the system a lot of money, claims for your slander and claims for
unemployment allownace when really you have no intention of working, lazy lazy lazy twat.

Oh have you informed the County Council you have a lodger, if you are taking rent and claiming
allowance on Council TAX then you are a thief also, but you were sacked for that so that is old news...

keep up the good work Brooksby, enjoy your next council meeting, try keeping your mouth shut for once and let the adults work.....

Subject: My favourite of the Jinky's comments

Someone has made sure the regulars of Jinkys have seen MB's rant against the place *whistles innocently* .  A massive 18 comments, for once most of them not by him!  This is my fave:

Subject: What a night!
To:; ################

You missed an evening!  MB got the dressing down of his life and he couldn't handle it when Mark Woodcock told him he was disgusted by his behaviour and asked him to pay for the noticeboard!  MB had a face like a smacked arse, really funny to watch.

Hi Martin,

I have sent on to you a few more emails; in one Haworth admits to installing and using a blog counter on Neptune and in another is refusing to take part in any mediation meeting with you to sort things out. There are a couple more screenshot/forwarded ones that have been sent purely to poke fun at you. I don't know who else he sent them to as he started to hide the other recipients.
I also found the email that Rasputin sent to me  when we were both walking away from it all and have copied and pasted a paragraph in bold below.
I was not responsible for any "hate campaign" and I was not responsible for Neptune. All this started when Jim and LB began posting sarcastic and insulting posts about Brookes. All I was guilty of is not removing them when I should. It all spiralled out of control - there never was any hate campaign either begun or wanted by me.

Keep it to yourself but it was me and Rasputin that were going to go halves on a Flickr subscription for you.

I think that is all the emails now but will check again later just to be sure.

Have a good day and hold your head high  :-)

Cllr Haworth shared a screen shot of my response to a very disgusting comment
he had posted on my blog.

Ex Mayor Paul Beech constantly runs around town telling people he has nothing 
what so ever to do with the years of harassment I have been subjected to and
he regularly shared things he wrote. with Cllr Haworth  using his university email

Subject: FW: [Martin Brookes] New comment on John Healy, of Fleckney Former Gartree Prison Offi....

Jim, Dotty, Paul,

This was MB's reply to a comment left on his blog today (see attached)
I am only sending you this cos
a) it will make you laugh
b) I know you are gentlemen (and lady) of the world and won't be shocked by the language too much!

Cllr Haworth share newspaper articles to try and help with Councillors false 
claims of stalking and harassment  This one was shared with ex Mayors Paul
Beech and Jim Harrison. It show the level of planning these people are willing 
to go to try and get me of the council.

Subject: Hmmm, food for thought...

Food for thought here....could it be a matter of presentation?

The person who sent me all the email thinks Cllr Haworth is referring to this article
so he would not get caught out.

Hi Martin,

Hope you have had a nice weekend, sorry to keep bombarding you with emails but it is a good job that I checked this inbox again as I have found a few more which I have just forwarded on to you.

One of them is another slip-up by Howarth, he hasn't refreshed the screen before taking a screenshot and the message "your comment has been published" is still at the bottom.

Another two say Martin Brookes has left a new comment on your post and Rutland Resident has left a new comment on your post. I could be wrong but to me this looks like whoever received the original email left the comments as it clearly says "your post ". See what you think.

There is also one which he sends screenshots of your blog post about "David Burton" in which he states "Hook, line and sinker". Of course this is an old and well used saying to describe someone that has been taken in by something.

The last one, "Food for thought" includes a link to an article in the Daily Mail about someone that had been stalking Jeremy Vine and Howarth ponders if it could have been a matter of presentation - is he giving out hints and tips about how not to get caught?!