Monday, August 08, 2016

Cllr Adam Lowe Oakham Mayor Email

Cllr Adam Lowe Oakham Mayor Email

At the weekend I wrote to Cllr Lowe about the conduct I have been subject to and see as the main reason for the current issues for the problems the council experiences now.

I also raise my concerns about a email Cllr Lowe sent a Rutland County Councillor
last week.

I let him know that Cllr King the leader of Rutland County Council was planning
a meeting thi Thursday with other Rutland County Councillors to see what they can
do to sort out the Town Council.

This morning I received this response from Cllr Lowe I also post my response below
I always find it odd how Cllr Lowe and the old guard find the truth abusive and insulting
I also posted those few emails described as a torrent on this blog I think with out looking
it totals four or five.

Sent: Monday, August 08, 2016 at 7:15 AM
From: "Adam Lowe"
To: "Martin Brookes"
Cc: MJHaley
Subject: Meeting

Having received yet another torrent of abusive and insulting e-mails over the weekend from you, without provokation, I am failing to see how we can even begin to hold a meeting to discuss moving forward.

Until you refrain from these unwarranted attacks and your irrational, bizarre behaviours improve I will not be able to suggest a meeting until September at the earliest, hopefully by then you will have had time to reflect upon you continued poor conduct toward myself and others and you will begin to act and communicate in a more professional manner to demonstrate you understand that this kind of behaviour will  no longer be tolerated.

The opporotunity for you to correct your conduct is in your control now.


Adam Lowe

Dear Adam

Please stop talking to me as I am your child and look at your own very poor conduct.
If I was to look to you as my mentor I would possibly describe it your conduct as B#####s!!
the language you used when you use after you attended a meeting at RCC and I might find some
way of personally attacking some health problem you might have and suggest its
just a joke as you do when referring to Terry King.

My communications are not irrational, they simple state the facts and opinion.
They also provided a partial picture to new members of the level of poor conduct
that has been directed towards me since 2009. I also posted the same on my blog.
after a RCC Cllr told me they were going to have a meeting with Terry King at RCC to sort you,
Michael Haley and the council out. Another Councillor told me about a offensive email
you sent him attacking him whilst you assumed to once again be a mind reader
of council members. You stated the Councillors had not forgotten and I simply told
you that you do not speak on my behalf.
More than once in recent meetings you have told Allison How I have voted.
So if any one is irrational and responsible of sending abusive emails it is you,
why don't you read the email you sent Alan Walters last week regarding his resignation from the town
council back on 22nd April 2015. Your email read by many is very unpleasant and could be described as intimidating
or even threatening. Then read the disgusting emails you sent John Kennedy about me. One is filed
in the council minutes.

I sent you and others facts and opinions that I feel describe the reasons why
we all have this problem today.
I did not start this you and your fellow councillors did in 2009 via that
disgusting Rutland Chat Forum and the various blogs that followed.  If we are to seek
conciliation to move forward then all this has to be addressed, conciliation is not just drawing
another line as you often do, because that clearly does not work.
And who do you think you are to suggest when the first meeting should
take place. I note you only copied the email below to Michael Haley and
not included Debbie Mogg who is organising the first meeting.

To be honest I see little point of any meeting but have asked for it
because I am willing to move on, if people like you accept what you
have done in the past. I thought there was a glimmer of hope when
you went on the radio and said you had done and said things you should
not have said in emails and at meetings. Of course in reality this was
a mistake because you had slipped up because what you said confirmed
you had lied to the investigator at Wilkin chapman. I know you won't ever accept you
have done wrong or move on because after my court case you would not ask the council to
apologise for what the council had done wrong. You told me the Judge was very wrong to have
found me not guilty.You support Charles Haworths and Co's conduct
You and the old guard have 100% supported homophobic bullying. You told me in Cutts close
when we discussed a flag we can't raise a Rainbow flag because "Oakham Town Council don't like
gay people" That was nothing new because I had not forgotten the time I posted photos
on-line of my birthday photographed in a gay bar, Joyce said then I had brought the council
into disrepute and to post photos of drag queens had also brought my position of Councillor
into disrepute. It is very documented that she said Rutland County Councillors called me
a pedophile only a few months ago this year you told me people are still calling me that.
That description is often used my homophobic bigots. So I hope you will forgive me for
being a bit upset by all this but it has gone on for far to long.