Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Oakham and Barleythorpe Neighbourhood Plan

Over the last few days the town council has been busy publishing the need for help
from residents. Is it possible that they have now realised they have to involve the
residents a lot more than they have.

I would love to be involved I attended a public meeting in May which was poorly advertised, Cllr Michael Haley tried to kick me out.

Fortunately the chair lady is lovely and not a control freak like Mr Haley. The same Mr Haley who said the Neighbourhood Plan did not need to advertise or need more publicity of its events at a recorded council meeting.

Any way I filled out a form expressing my interest in joining the arts and culture working group, Allison Greaves the assistant Clerk sent me a letter stating I would here more at the end of June it is now August.

At the May meeting a gentleman complimented Melton Mowbray, unfortunately he unlike the chair lady had not done his home work she told us The Melton Plan was thrown out by the independent person for lack of public involvement, the same thing will happen with the Oakham Plan.

This is not the peoples plan it is Oakham Town Councils. I recently visited another town were they are doing it properly the whole town is covered in bill boards in the centre and residential areas the whole community is welcome unlike Oakham, I must add that town was heavily criticised in 2014 for not doing things properly, unlike Oakham Town Council they listened to criticism and changed their way, which I am sure Melton Mowbray will also do.

When our plan is thrown out the council will just give up especially now it looks like they are likely to lose money from Hawksmead Larkfleet development when that becomes part of the new Barleythorpe Parish Council. I am told the Oakham Plan have not even consulted Barleythorpe yet even though they asked for them to be included in the Oakham Plan.

The main problem with the Oakham Plan is Michael Haley, he has involved himself in
anything he can but is not capable of doing it all. If Michael just did a few things and let
others have a share of the work I am sure he would do a great job.