Saturday, August 06, 2016

Rutland County Council Leader Terry King calls a private meeting of Oakham Ward member to sort out Oakham Town Council

Today a Rutland County Councillor from a Oakham ward told me the leader of Rutland
County Council has sent all Rutland County Council Oakham Councillors an invitation
to attend a meeting this coming Thursday to discuss sorting out Oakham Town Council.

A interesting development when you consider and somewhat unfortunate no one including
Rutland County Council has the legal authority to sort out Oakham Town Council.

The local government ministers answer is the ballet box, unfortunately not enough
residents are interested in taking over the costly pointless council.

I have written to the Mayor of our "Dysfunctional Council"

Cllr Adam Lowe,

You may not be aware that Rutland County Councils Leader Terry King has sent a email to all
Oakham Ward Rutland County Councillors, The subject of that email is a meeting he has
called to sort out Oakham Town Council.

Although I agree Oakham Town Council needs sorting out. I do not see how Mr Kings meddling
is going to help. I refer to his meddling some years ago.

Rutland County Council has legal authority to involve itself in the affairs of the Town Council.

Whilst on the subject of Terry King have you had the decency to apolagise for your conduct
after the last meeting you had with him and others at Rutland County Council.

Have you also apologised for taking the mickey out of his illness. Mr King and I don't get
on to well, but I would never lower myself to you level. I would go as far as saying its
worse than the bullying i am subjected to.

Of course there is one option for Mr King if he feels he has the answer for this Town Council
we could co-opt him and the fill the vacancy which we are making no effort to fill.


Martin Brookes