Monday, October 10, 2016

Adam Lowe Oakham Mayor Conduct Complaint Against Cllr Martin Brookes 30 16 my response to his allegation of Blackmail

Adam Lowe Oakham Mayor Conduct Complaint Against Cllr Martin Brookes 30 16 my response to his allegation of Blackmail

Dear Mrs Mogg,

Blackmail is a very serious allegation, so I am surprised that you have passed this conduct
complaint onto the police.

Every conduct complaint by Cllr Lowe are becoming more desperate and bizzare.

Over the many years I have known Mr Lowe his conduct towards me has been very odd
in person and via emails.

Then there was the harassment from his work place which led to him leaving Leicestershire

Yes Leicestershire Police so you would think he would have an understanding greater than
us of the law.

Like when he lies and states in an email that I committed ABH a very serious offence.

Now he falsely states I am committing the offense of blackmail against the Assistant Clerk
what a prat he is.

If I was I would expect you to apply the same response as you did to my complaint against him
ref: 39 - 16 you state my complaint is a matter for the police and not a conduct matter
since when has an assault in a meeting no longer a conduct matter have we adopted UKIP
policy here in Rutland?

I often record my visits to Oakham Town Council simply reminding Allison that I do this
for my own protection is not blackmail.

I would suggest the level of complaints against me from Cllr Lowe support my counter
claim he is bullying me this has now spiraled out of control

Perhaps he is not well or is someone else using your website to enter all the complaints?

The complaints stink of desperation to totally exclude me from carrying out my role
as an elected councillor.

That reminds the joint complaint which I tore up and wont be responding show that
some members have an issue with the fact I was not elected by the people but gained
my seat unopposed. Can I remind those people the same applies to some of them and
even worse they were co-opted. Only one Oakham Town Councillor won his seat via the
ballot box.

In that complaint they mention the Standards of England tribunal from years ago it is
not relevant today.

I note they fail to mention the court trial which I was found not guilty when members
past and present lied to the police and of course you chief executive Helen Briggs.

The described the actions of a serving Councillor and former members as "homophobic
crude and crass" and that is still an issue now.

In the recent costly conduct complaint produced by Wilkin  Chapman it states I am not
a bully and react to their conduct.

I have been punished for reacting to the councils disgusting conduct towards me
under your recommendations. But as a monitoring officer you have failed to deal
with those on the council who behave in a way that provokes me. I try not to react
but after years of this shit is hard not to.

When you recommended my exclusion from all council activities you fueled the
burning fire and gave Oakham Town Council what they want. unfortunately
for them they bar me from being a Councillor.

It is a shame they don't put all their efforts into actually doing something good
for this town.

I hope you are looking forward to the next three year because I am not going to
be bullied out by Adam Lowe and Co.


Martin Brookes