Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ex Mayor Oakham Mayor Mr Beech explains online why I am excluded from contributing from the Neighbourhood Plan

I don't actually expect any comments from Ex Mayor Oakham Mayor Mr Beech

I still don't understand him. I pity his bitterness.

Its been an interesting week regarding comments from ex Town Councillor
the unpleasant John Kennedy posted I deserve less respect than a slug.

One thing I know for sure is Mr Beech is the only person who posts calling
me Brookesy so it does not take a genius to work out who used to send me
those filthy letters in the past.

Paul Beech I know you expect me to comment so here we go, just so I don't disappoint you. You know what Brookesy? You are quite pathetic. Why can't you just let things happen and then at the end of it, when all the mistakes have been ironed out, make your inane comments then. Nothing of what you have said, in this link, has any meaning. It is a process and by its very nature needs to be exorcised and therefore needs consultation, which is what is happening. You are excluded because you have nothing constructive to contribute and that doesn't mean you have the right to criticise, in fact you are, by default, excluded from that too. And don't go on about your human rights, not being able to do your job (Job? Know what that is?) as a town councillor and free speech that's an old one from you that is now completely worn out. As a town councillor you are quite useless and you attempts to rubbish the 'Plan' and its volunteers is, to be quite frank, a waste of time.