Saturday, October 15, 2016

Oakham Town Council surgery Gaol Street Farmers Market Oakham Rutland October 2016

Oakham Town Council surgery Gaol Street Farmers Market Oakham Rutland October 2016

The surgery was organised by the man above Cllr Adam Lowe our Mayor

He forgot to tell all Councillor that the event was going ahead and only
certain Councillor were told the timings of the event. I only found out via the
council twitter account.

The public were nice to us.

I listened to a few residents concerns ranging from drugs in a council car parks to
pizza be posted through residents letter boxes.

Plenty complaints about the failings of the Neighbourhood Plan Group.
Cllr Haley tried to fool people by saying information that made little sense was
sent out to engage the public.

The behaviour of some of my fellow Councillor was disgusting as normal

Councillors Hopkins, Lucas and Haley pretended I was invisible.

Cllr Lucas would tell people we need to go over here and drag people away from
the stall telling them I can't speak in front of him.

When she wanted me to hear she would say things like "no one will force me out"
when she was discussing the recent resignation of Tracy Carr.

No one is trying to force anyone out, we just need a council that is not made up of
childish people like her.

Some one produced information boards which falsely claimed we
managed a number of things here in Oakham, for example we don't manage
the tennis or bowls club we let them for next to nothing to those who
do manage them.

Cllr Lucas speaking to people she dragged away from the stall

The one thing this mob at Oakham Town Council know how to
do is make those they don't like feel uncomfortable.
I went away for a snack before I shouted at them and returned
to find they had packed up and gone long before the time given
on twitter. I guess Michael and Co got fed up listening to the
constant criticism about his neighbourhood plan activities.

Whilst Cllr Lowe had his sensible hat on for a short time today
I mentions the issues effecting us all at the council.
The resignation of Tracy Carr.
He suggested we should all have a meeting.
I pointed out the public childish conduct today of some members
he said there is little point him saying or doing anything because
know one listens to him. I wonder why.......?