Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Uppingham Fatstock Show Live 2016 Live Cam and Rutland Radio

Uppingham Fatstock Show Live 2016 Live Cam and Rutland Radio

Today is the annual fatstock in Uppingham Rutland.

Uppingham has a webcam, Mainly broadcasting with no sound Ron Simpson can be heard
at times and he says you can't do any worse than watch the webcam and listen to Rutland 
Radio for sound as they broadcast live from the market town.

So this morning Rob Persani has attempted to interview a pig, I am not sure if it was the
one which escaped. It all sounds good fun

You could listen to BBC Leicester who are also in town.

The Fatstock show is the longest running annual show in the country and was the only one
remaining until Windsor started one in 2014

Uppingham has its Christmas Light Switch and shopping event on from 5pm tomorrow.

Public access to the Uppingham Webcam is normally available every day from 9am to 6pm (UK time). In addition, a number of annual community events will be broadcast with sound. The webcam will also feature occasional presentations by local businesses and community groups. The dates and time of these broadcasts will be announced in advance at and on Twitter and Facebook.

Enquiries about the webcam should be directed to
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