Friday, December 16, 2016

Harrods Afternoon Tea Trifle

Harrods Afternoon Tea Trifle

Yesterday afternoon I was treated to afternoon tea at the Georgian Restaurant at Harrods.
I treated an old friend so it was quite an outing and something to look forward to.

Unfortunately the standard of service was not as expected.

a unfriendly waiter and no scones for over 30 minutes

I also learnt it is posh to eat desert from a jar as we were ready to leave
the waiter remembered we had not been given our prepacked Chocolate
Trifle shown above.

We asked another waiter if we could take them home.

In general Harrods afternoon tea is not something I would recommend.

I would recommend Stapleford Park in Leicestershire its better value and
the staff are very attentive.