Saturday, December 17, 2016

Oakham Mayor Adam Lowes Public Comments about by Budget Requests

Oakham Mayor Adam Lowes Public Comments about by Budget Requests

Hi Adam (Cllr Mayor Lowe)

I found your comment on Facebook:

I am not misleading anyone, it does not matter the size of the increase we don't require the money
we need to use the reserves.

You Posted:

7.75% equates to two cups of coffee for the year so the increase is being reported in a misleading way, did the same Mr Brookes also tell you he wants to give 19k of your Council tax to Rutland County Council and another organisation that has in excess of 170K in reserves, this will push the 7.75% a lot higher !

My response to you:

We have £240,000 reserves and £12,000 spent on a person to run a youth club and £7,000 for the Citizens Advice Rutland rutland is better value than the £17,000 we pay out to put up and take down the christmas lights

When I suggested we supported the youth worker it was meant to show this stupid council is actually will to do something for our community
We have done nothing this year, I am surprised you are not wanting to support the project.

I also fail to understand why you don't want to support the Citizen Advice which provides a good service to the residents of Oakham.
When I mentioned it at the meeting Cllr Joyce Lucas can also be heard saying no.

What do you actually want Oakham Town Council to do.

I don't see it serving its community.

This year, We have put on a few band concerts, Cut the grass and picked the litter in three parks, that are currently falling apart due to
wear and tear and vandalism, we put up a few less hanging baskets for more money and dont mention the £17,000
we waste putting up and taking down the dreadful Christmas Lights, Then there is the extremely over priced tree.

That is all we do each year. We need to do more for the people we are meant to serve.

If we did perhaps members like you would spend less time with your obsession to see me leave the council.
You would have less time send me offensive text messages.

Kind regards


Martin Brookes (Cllr OSE)