Friday, December 16, 2016

Oakham Town Council Conduct Rutland County Council Monitoring Officer

Oakham Town Council Conduct Rutland County Council Monitoring Officer

Dear Mrs Mogg,

Thank you for inviting me to the meeting this morning.

I am astonished that Rutland County Council is commissioning another
investigation after the previous pointless investigation which cost the
Rutland tax payers over £10,000.

I say pointless because it told me and many others what is already known.

The Town Council is failing and continues to fail to provide any real purpose
for the residents of Oakham.

I have decided once again I do not want public money wasted and will not
participate in the pointless investigation.

The previous report has largely been ignored by Oakham Town Council
and as the old guard is hell bent on excluding me they were happy to
exclude me from any council activities setting no time limited this is not

I am happy to give the following comments to the investigator.

Regarding the first complaint from Allison Greaves the Assistant Clerk

When  Allison Greaves sent the Mayor an email which included a comment
about me, The Mayor Cllr Adam Lowe shared that email aware of me.
I told Allison. When I visited the office I was recording I had made members
of the council and staff at the time I did this. During that visit Allison said she
was sorry and read out a email she was just sending me. In that email she basically
said the council was crap and we were all responsible for that.

I went home and published the video. Allison objected and I was accused of

Since then your report has stated Allison Greaves feel threatened by my actions

I find it hard how anyone can say they feel threatened by me publishing a video
of them saying sorry for there poor conduct towards me and saying their employer
was basically crap.

Allison Greaves has told me that the video makes her feel and look stupid that
I would suggest is a more honest thing to say and if she feels that way that is not my

 The Second complaints

I do not want to comment on all this.

I will remind you and the investigator that anything I have published regarding
the ex Clerk and the former fitness centre is done with the protection afforded to
be by the whistle blowers act and the public interest act.

The Clerk broke local government acts and failed to complete many
of his contractually obligations and was paid £18,000 to go quietly at his
request. The tax payer also paid his legal fees something he or his union
should have paid not the tax payer.

The old fitness centre. At times it is very unclear what is confidential and
not. only this week the incompetent Cllr Michael Haley gave out confidential
figures in a meeting. I had not published the figures because even up to this
week he said they were confidential. I believe it is in the public interest that
the council has let a public asset with no agreement signed and is only currently
receiving £100 a month on a commercial property valued at around £15,000 a year.
It is also in the public interest that the property is being leased for 99 years
for no charge for the lease. I wish I could have obtained my lease for nothing
and only paid the ground rent.

You do not need to ask an investigator to find out if I have been kicked out of a meeting
since August. You could ask the Clerk and the answer would be know.

The last tine I was kicked out was when Cllr Lowe lost the plot and assaulted me
and damaged my personal property.

The police took no action.

He went on to lie by sending me unpleasant emails which you have seen, he
says I damaged his clothes and caused him ABH

Regarding Complaint Three

This is the first time I have seen this complaint and I have asked the Mayor
Cllr Adam Lowe to retract it.

I was not carrying a knife as stated in the report I know that would be
a serious offence.

He lies when he says I damaged the notice board. I caused no damage
to any property.

Please can you explain how opening a public notice board and photographing
a public document which the council had refused to give me is being disrespectful?

After our meeting I telephone Cllr Adam Lowe and due to a poor signal the call
dropped out I was unable to make a new call, so I waited a while and at 13.00
I sent Cllr Adam Lowe a text message:

Are you going to retract your lies about the knife and damage. 

Cllr Lowe failed to reply so I sent this text message:

No answer so I guess you are not and you will be happy with the 
subsequent publicity?

Cllr Lowe then replied in a very unacceptable manner:

Not sure what u r on about, however, I believe I stated it appeared 
to be a knife or pliers, regardless you have already confirmed it was
pliers which confirms you now go equipped to commit an offence
but u r use to breaking the law. As regards ur normal threats well 
bullies never change do they and lastly I am not changing anything
because you always lie and make up your own warped stories to
fulfill your own goals. U clearly need medical help.

I responded:

Piss Off Adam and thank you I will be providing your 
text message response as evidence that you are the investigator 

Cllr Lowe then sent me the following text message.

Are you telling me these messages are sent in your capacity 
as Councillor because mine were not as I am not on duty
as a Councillor today so clearly you are wrong again, we are
getting use to that now like telling lies about another Councillor
being upset by me, complete lies fabrication by an unstable person,
Mr Brookes you professional help before you harm someone or commit 
any more criminal activities.

I find many of Cllr Lowes email and text messages are bullying and intimidating
and concerning. The last text message today is a great concern. No one should
have to put up with this continued abuse and lies, I have not committed any
criminal act as he states.

I am no expert so I won't comment like Cllr Lowe on his mental health but I
will say he is unfit to be our Mayor and Chairman.

He and the old guard are obsessed with their campaign to remove me from
their little club know as Oakham Town Council.

I was hoping after the 2013 court case things would have improved, they
have not. They just get worse. Oakham Town Council chose to ignore
the comments made by the district judge and the comments made by you
and the author of the Wilkin Chapman report.

Over the last year Oakham Town Council has done nothing for the town
accept put up shoddy hanging baskets a party in the park and of course there
are the poor costly Christmas lights. This council needs to start doing more
and stop spending most of its times excluding me from council business.


Martin Brookes OSE Cllr