Monday, January 23, 2017

Guy Goodman Avon Fire Authority’s Clerk, in house solicitor and statutory Monitoring Officer. Not very open and transparent

Guy Goodman Avon Fire Authority’s Clerk, in house solicitor and statutory Monitoring Officer. Not very open and transparent .

Sent: Monday, January 23, 2017 at 7:55 AM
From: "Guy Goodman"
To: "Martin Brookes"
Subject: RE: Confidential: Oakham Town Council - Complaints
Cllr Brookes

I have not given you permission to publish my correspondence with you on your blog.

Please take it down immediately

Thank you

Guy Goodman
Independent Investigator

Dear Mr Goodman

Please find amended reply the first was typed on my mobile not the best way to get thongs across correctly.

It is my choice to publish all conduct matters.

This is mainly due to Rutland County Council choosing to publish just reports about me online including my name and not other cllrs
If you were to inspect their website and past site entries, you find in just my my case they publish report including my full name
All other Cllrs have enjoyed the privilege of having their names withheld over the years.
Most recently at the bottom of their page titled Complaints members you will find the latest example of how unfairly Rutland County
Council treat me. You will not find any other monitoring officers finding on any other councillor. 

On the same page there is a list of complaint conditions that have to met before the monitoring officer will consider any complaint
Over the years I would say all the complaints against me have been politically motivated. there have been many hundreds with a 
tiny few upheld and 3 overturned on appeal in the high court.

Oakham town council have also posted defamatory letters in the office window and notice boards all over the town.

My solicitor and the district judge said at the 2013 court case I can publish publish anything relating to this ongoing case. And I say why not the public are paying for it

Please don't tell tell me not to publish.

It was no clear if your mobile number is personal, so I have not published that.
Your email address and name is in the public domain it is first mentioned around 2012. 
Whilst you were employed by Leicestershire City Council and Leicestershire and Rutland Fire Authority, the reason for 
me questioning your independent claim because in both roles it is highly likely you would have had contact with Rutland 
County Council.

If you don't want anyone such as your new employers Avon and Fire and Rescue to see your correspondence on my blog, then I suggest you don't write to me.

If you still believe I should not be publishing correspondence paid for by the public, may I suggest you raise a conduct report with the monitoring officer . although I am confident there is nothing in the code of conduct that prevents me from sharing any correspondence addressed to me in any manner I chose.

Kind regards


Dear Mr Goodman