Sunday, February 05, 2017

Ark Association Nursery Rent Old Gym from Oakham Town Council from £100 a month

Oakham Town Council Appendix G Ark Association Rent

Now the incompetent town Councillor Michael  Haley has decided unilaterally that the agreement between Oakham and Town Council is no longer an exempt item I can tell residents the actual amount their property is being let for.

Previously I had posted the property is to be let for less than the value that Stephen Reid gave us
in its current condition.

I did not release the confidential content of the report as for the name of the tenant this was already in the public domain.

Currently Rutland County Council is wasting taxpayers money by paying Guy Goodman to investigate me breaching confidentiality alleged by Oakham Town Council.

Oakham Town Council should withdraw the conduct complaint.

The below market value rent agreement is shown below.

Oakham Town Council failed to advertise the property on the open market.

I am pleased the Ark Association no longer wants a 99 year lease even though council
was offering the it for free. I wish I could obtained my own 99 year lease at no cost.
And not to mention taking the keys months before the lease is agreed and signed.

On Wednesday we will be asked to accept a 20 year option.

According to Michael Haley's report our solicitor is failing us.

That is no surprise when you consider they were friends of the ex Clerk. I think
it is time to find a new solicitor.