Saturday, February 18, 2017

Oakham Bandstand Repaired The Need For Town Councillors has been abolished

Oakham Bandstand Repaired The Need For Town Councillors has been abolished

Last year the bandstand was damaged and the office use their powers to address the immediate
health and safety issues. After that was done the matter of repair or replacement should have
come to full council. It did not and instead the office went ahead and organised a replacement.
The original railing should have been repaired and not replace due to it historic nature. The
bandstand railings were originally cast by the foundry well known for making post boxes and
phone boxes.

I have asked to see quotes and why this matter was not brought to council?

I am told the office decided all because of Health and Safety what a load of rubbish.

I am told the financial regulations permit the office to spend up to £5000 without consulting the

Originally this was a lower and was for emergency use only, for example if a tree fell down.

Ex Cllr Dewis persuaded members to increase the amount.

There is meant to be a safeguard which appears not to be working the Clerk is meant to
seek consent from two members and the full council is meant to be notified ASAP.

The law says all expenditure should be approved by full council. The law also states
the councils own regulation should not undermine or ignore laws and they often do
as in this case.

How Oakham Town Council has put itself in a position which it has made members input obsolete?

  Sent: Friday, February 17, 2017 at 1:55 PM
From: Enquiries
To: "'Martin Brookes'"
Subject: RE: Bandstand 016 17/02/17
Dear Cllr Brookes,

Iron Craft have been instructed to replace the balustrade by the office due to health and safety
The cost being £2280 plus vat.
Work Order 2016 – 152

Under Financial Regulation 4 4.1, the Clerk or duly authorised Deputy Clerk have the executive power to expenditure of £5000

From: Martin Brookes []
Sent: 17 February 2017 13:21
To: Malcolm Plumb <>
Cc: Debbie Mogg <>; Malcolm Plumb <>; Allison Greaves <>; <>; Stan Stubbs <>; peter ind <>; Vince Howard <>; Sally-Anne Wadsworth <>; <>; <>; Adam Lowe <>
Subject: Bandstand 016 17/02/17

Dear Clerk,

Ref: Bandstand 016 17/02/17

As you are aware the bandstand was badly damaged last year.

Today Iron Craft was installing a repaired or replacement railing.
Why was this not included in the Clerks report at the meeting of the 8th February 2017?

Why was the contract not approved by full council?

Last year I saw one quote for over £10,000 a figure which would need council approval.

Please can you supply me with copies of all quotes.

Please can you let me know how much Iron Craft is being paid?

Please can you supply the names of Councillors who countersigned this expenditure and 
a copy of the work order.


Cllr Martin Brookes