Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Rutland County Council Child Protection Needs Improving Ofsted Report 2017

Review of the effectiveness of the Local Safeguarding Children

Only last week I was speaking with a person about Rutland County Council social services
many residents are not happy with the department.
During my conversation I said I think it is just luck Rutland has not had a major incident
involving child protection.

Then Ofsted publish there report stating all but one aspect of child protection needs improvement.

Reading the report I can't help thinking the council is warned of a pending Ofsted visit.
Ofsted point out a number of requirements have only just been implemented and some not

It is good to read the service for care leaver is good, so many authorities don't care for care leavers.'s%20services%20and%20review%20of%20the%20LSCB%20as%20pdf.pdf