Sunday, March 26, 2017

Oakham Neighbourhood Plan Big Survey

Oakham Neighbourhood Plan Big Survey

Some homes are starting to receive the survey this one was hand delivered to a friends
home this morning.

When you receive your please complete and return,

You can also complete on-line that was how I completed mine.

Oakham Neighbourhood Plan The Big Survey (Barleythorpe) Oakham Town Council

Oakham Neighbourhood Plan The Big Survey (Barleythorpe) Oakham Town Council

This weekend the Neighbourhood Plan Steering group start delivering Survey to
all of Oakham and Barleythorpe. Not the plan as reported on Rutland Radio News

Please complete and return to a drop off box, Cllr Michael Haley did not seek approval
of spending for the return full postage costs from Oakham Town Council
The other Council representative Cllr Richard Haynes at the last council meeting
attempted to make sense of Cllr Haley's request and added they did not expect
a high return rate of completed surveys. I admire the positive approach of the neighbour
plan steering group.

When your survey arrives please complete and return post paid envelope or

Survey return Drop Box Locations

Oakham Town Council, Victoria Hall, High Street

Tesco Store, South Street

Co-op Store, Burley Road

Co-op Store, Braunston Road

Wilko, Westgate Street

Berridges Taxis, Long Row

Briars Premier Store, Churchill Road

Aldi, Hackmore Way

Oakham Library at the Museum Catmos Street

Rutland County Council, Catmos Street

Lands End, Lands End Way

Ellique, South Street

You can also save money and time by completing the survey on-line

Although it is titled The Big Survey, it is not really that big.