Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Right to Stay: key vote tonight in the Lords Tim Farron says

Ahead of the vote tonight, I’ve recorded a short video to emphasise how important EU Citizens #RightToStay is –

Tonight, the House of Lords will be voting on an amendment that could ensure EU Citizens Right to Stay is guaranteed.

The idea of hard working people, who've moved here, made a life here, contributed to our society being used as a pawn by their government is appalling.

That’s why tonight’s vote is so important – it could force the Government to do the right thing.

Our Lords have been doing fantastic work scrutinising the Article 50 bill – and it’s important we get the word out, so please, share the video with your friends and family.



Tim Farron
Leader of the Liberal Democrats

PS: Earlier in the week Labour Lords backed the Government and voted against an amendment that would have kept us in the Single Market – you can read more about that here: