Monday, June 26, 2017

Chairman of Oakham Town Council Cllr Michael Haley Once Again Fails to Follow Correct Procedures at Extra Meeting

Chairman of Oakham Town Council Cllr Michael Haley Once Again Fails to Follow Correct Procedures at Extra Meeting

Since Cllr Haley was appointed chairman of the council in May he has already called three
extra meetings mainly due to his failure to follow standing orders and correct procedures at

Last Friday's extra meeting is another of his failure to be able to follow the rules and
regulation of the council.

At the start of considering items 4 and 5 of the Agenda Cllr Haley dictated that
standing order five gave us the right to revisit those items.

In part it does but he can not just say he is applying standing order number 5.
as you can see below it is standing order that gives a long list of things council
can doe without written notice.

What we should have done is voted to suspend standing order 6 S
If we had voted to suspend that standing order we could have lawfully revisited
items 4 and 5

As it stands it is looking like the council made an unlawful decisions when
it appointed it new deputy chair and two members to the staffing committee.
a committee we don't actually need.

at the same meeting we also reconsidered the extension of the locum clerks
contract. previous minutes from the May meeting said this would be considered
in the June this was not considered then so the matter was placed on the extra meeting

I have no confidence in Cllr Haley he is not a team player and is ruining the neighbourhood
plan and is continually failing us at meetings.

This afternoon he resigned from the working group which is meant to be overseeing the
letting of the old gym in Princess Avenue.

This resignation comes after he sent a email telling members the councils solicitors
had been instructed to draw up a lease, As member  of the working group which has not
met this year I pointed out the council had not authorised this.
Cllr Haley has since said what he said was a mistake, if that is the case why did he
resign from the working group?

Below is the standing order Cllr Haley said he was relying on and Standing Order 6 S
which we should have voted to suspend.

5 Motions not requiring written notice
a. Motions in respect of the following matters may be moved without written notice to the Proper Officer:
i. To appoint a person to preside at a meeting
ii. To move to a vote
iii To approve the absences of councillors
iv. To approve the accuracy of the minutes of the previous meeting
v. To correct an inaccuracy in the minutes of the previous meeting
vi. To dispose of business, if any, remaining from the last meeting
vii. To alter the order of business on the agenda for reasons of urgency or expedience
viii. To proceed to the next business on the agenda
ix To close or adjourn debate
x To require a written report
xi. To refer by formal delegation a matter to a committee or to a sub- committee or an employee
xii. To appoint a committee or sub-committee or any councillors (including substitutes) thereto
xiii. To receive nominations to a committee or sub-committee
xiv. To dissolve a committee or sub-committee
xv. To note the minutes of a meeting of a committee or sub-committee
xvi. To consider a report and/or recommendations made by a committee or a sub-committee or an employee
xvii. To consider a report and/or recommendations made by an employee, professional advisor, expert or consultant
xviii. To authorise legal documents to be sealed by the Council’s Common Seal or as resolved by the Council
          (See Standing Orders 14 (a) and (b) below)
xvix. To authorise the payment of monies up to £1,000
xx. To amend a motion relevant to the original or substantive motion under consideration and which shall not have the effect of nullifying it
xxi. To extend the time limit for speeches
xxii. To exclude the press and public for all or part of a meeting
xxiii. To silence or exclude from the meeting a councillor or a member of the public whose conduct is considered in the view of the Chairman to be disorderly conduct and/or to disrupt the meeting
xxiv. To give the consent of the Council if such consent is required by Standing Orders
xxv To suspend any Standing Order except those which are mandatory by law
xxvi. To adjourn the meeting
xxvii. To appoint representatives to outside bodies and to make arrangements for those representatives to report back the activities of outside bodies
xxviii. To answer questions from councillors on points relevant to the business or working of the Council but not issues regarding the alleged behaviour of a councillor or group of councillors, employee or group of employees
xxix. To extend the duration of a meeting in accordance with Standing Order
1 (aa) (iv)

b. If a motion falls within the terms of reference of a committee or sub-committee or within the delegated powers conferred on an employee, a referral of the same may be made to such committee or sub-committee or employee provided that the Chairman may direct for it to be dealt with at the present meeting for reasons of urgency or expedience.

6s. Where a resolution or decision has been made by the Council and is recorded in the approved minutes, it will not be reviewed or rescinded for a period of at least six months, without the prior agreement of the Council meeting.