Thursday, June 01, 2017

Oakham in Bloom Traffic Cones, Hard Hats and Wheel Barrows Banned Due to Health and Safety Concerns

Oakham in Bloom Traffic Cones,  Hard Hats and Wheel Barrows  Banned Due to Health and Safety Concerns

Some times I think Health and Safety is misused by a few here in
Oakham and Rutland to get their own way

We can't have the public decorate a Christmas Tree.

Now Oakham in Blooms planned blooming road works theme
has been scrapped.

As many people would know Oakham has suffered some important
long term road works this year this is how the theme came about.

At the last minute Oakham in Bloom has been told it can not place
planted cones, hats around the town because they are not proper hanging
basket and could be a health and safety risk if a job pulled one down.

No such concerns about the big costly ugly buckets Oakham Town
Council hang blocking traffic lights and important highways signs.

Over the last two years brackets have broken on lamp post bringing
larger planters crashing to the ground.

Planted wheel barrows have also been banned also for health and
safety concerns. Rutland County Council is concerned for staff
safety at the museum and castle if they require to wheel them in
and out at night and morning.

Some wooden wheel barrows made by men in sheds had been placed
in the town and have been removed for health and safety reasons.
I am told they will return once the issue has been resolved

This weekend a production company working for the BBC is filming
in Oakham and the work of Oakham in Bloom from what I have heard
it is going to turn into a bit of a circus like song of praise when empty
churches become full when the cameras pop in.

Every year Oakham in Bloom struggles get volunteers, I am told this
year this weekend there will be plenty including school children.

It is likely the Mayor and the High Sheriff will be seen and our local
radio presenter was expressing an interest this morning.

I have decided to go out of town and do something else.

And whilst considering health and safety risks why does the council
never perform proper safety inspections on the fun fair rides before they
are opened to the public only this Monday there were two in church street
the road was opened before they had finished packing up.