Friday, June 30, 2017

The Rutland Lions Wheel Barrows Oakham in Bloom Faking it For Britain and Bloom For TV and Judges

The Rutland Lions Wheel Barrows Oakham in Bloom Faking it For Britain and Bloom For TV and Judges

Tears and Tantrums from Craig Howat the gardening coordinator.

Chris Morton and Marilyn Morton destroyed personal friendships.

The Oakham in Bloom Fundraiser and Press Officer have resigned.

Cllr Joyce Lucas is just being her.

What for just for a few flower and a piece of paper.

Oakham in Bloom volunteers who do the real work are few.

The committee is dreadful a volunteer said "all they do is argue"

I always thought Oakham Town Council was the worst until I observed
what has been going on with the Oakham in Bloom committee over the
last few months.

A TV production company is filming the work and Oakham in Blooms
committee pretends children help them plant.
most of the planting and maintaining of flowers beds is carried out
by a Tory Rutland County Councillors company, paint it and plant it.

This year theme is called Bloomin Road Works and the theme is
red unfortunately Oakham Town Councils Contractors appeared to
understand a request for red and gold flowers and supplied baskets
with a random selection of  mainly cheap purple flowers.

This week the TV crew returned and Oakham in Bloom roped in
The Rutland Lions to plant some wheel barrows outside the castle
which they knew Rutland County Council had said could not
be placed outside the castle due to fears of vandalism and staff
health and safety, after the TV production company departed the
wheelbarrows were taken to a nearby hotel garden.
Oakham in Bloom is planning to wheel the barrows back to the castle
on the morning the Britain in Bloom judges arrive, is that not cheating
and worse being dishonest. It does not surprise me that Oakham Town
Councillor Joyce Lucas is involved in this scheme.

A local tearoom was filmed agreeing to purchased cones and flowers
and after the TV production company departed Craig Howart with no
authority ordered the Tea Room to take down the planters.
Rutland County Councils Chief Executive said Mr Howat is not employed
by Rutland County Council and is a contractor employed by Peterborough
City Council and he was acting as a member of Oakham in Bloom.

It is a great shame Britain in Bloom is causing so much hurt within
our small community.

Above the Rutland Lions Wheelbarrows 
that should be outside the castle
What I find interesting is Rutland County
Council had no problem with their staff
a few years ago wheeling in horrible 
giant plastic hippos each night