Saturday, July 08, 2017

Greetham Scarecrow Festival Featuring Roger Begy!

Greetham Scarecrow Festival Featuring Roger Begy!

The scariest of all the scarecrows for all to see has to be the life size reproduction
of the Late Roger Begy who was the Conservative Leader of Rutland County Council
and a Greetham Parish Councillor.

I have seen a photo of the scarecrow on-line a photo has been enlarged of Rogers
face and place on the fat scarecrow which is dressed as Roger would dress even
curry stains on his shirt have been included.

What I personally find astonishing about this is how it is now acceptable to portray
Roger as this large grubby slob, but when people complained to Rutland County Council
about his public appearance when he was the leader they were harassed and hounded
for complaining. I can never forget how former Cllrs Charles Haworth and Co treated
a former Tesco employee who was suffering from cancer when he complained after
seeing Roger on the TV News one evening,

I hope know one crashes as they pass the garden Roger (scarecrow) is sitting in!