Thursday, July 06, 2017

Oakham Rutland Flash Flooding and Hail Storm July 2017 Video

Oakham Rutland Flash Flooding and Hail Storm Video

I have never seen a storm like the one that passed over Oakham this evening.

Some hail stones bigger than a two pound coin fell from the sky.

Fortunately residents in my road have not suffered flooded homes. Gardens
at the bottom of my road are flooded.

A drain which has been a problem in the past has now just cleared itself.
I think we are fortunate that Rutland County Council contractor randomly
cleaned the drains this week.

Misty Cutts Close after the storm the hail stones 

very odd to be walking on a hot summers
evening with ice on the ground

Cold Overton Road Flooded 
at the bottom near to the Railway Crossing
and after the water had gone the street 
and crossing were littered with 
rubbish from household bins
The town smelt like poo.

Some house in Deans Street were flooded
possibly not helped by Severn Trent Water
digging all the holes.

A line of Hail Burley Road

Lots of Hail Stones Oakham High Street