Sunday, July 27, 2014

Oakham Royal Visit Update and Schedule, HRH the Prince of Wales & HRH the Duchess of Cornwall Monday 28th July 2014

Always keen to try catch a good photograph, I asked a flying friend to check for restricted flying in Rutland tomorrow, so far the CAA has no restrictions so it's not looking like we will catch a glimpse of the Royal
helicopter. They rather amusingly added:

It's their only engagement tomorrow. Perhaps they're staying with Lady Lucas (BEM) and will just stroll across to the castle after a full English at the Beeches 5-star b & b. After all, there's a recession on!

Rutland County Councils website says  people are expected to turn out in their thousands as The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall visit Rutland on Monday 28 July. If they do I am not sure how they will all fit in the market place?

Oakham Market Place (The Council suggest this is the best place for members of the public to show their support. The Royal guests are expected from 12.30pm onwards but please allow plenty of time as we are expecting it to be busy)

This evening the councils highways department has started its preparations for the visit.


Members of the public will have an opportunity to show support as Their Royal Highnesses meet members of the local community and business owners in Oakham Market Place from 12.30pm onwards.
Anybody thinking of attending is urged to arrive in plenty of time as large crowds are expected.

Please see below for more details of the visit.

St John and St Anne Almshouse
The Prince of Wales, Patron of the Almshouse Association, and The Duchess of Cornwall will also visit St John and St Anne Almshouse in Oakham.  The Almshouse provides housing for retired people who want to maintain their independence.

Dr Vivian Anthony, Chairman of the Governors of St John & St John. Dr Anthony commented ‘we shall be delighted to show-off our attractive almshouses and ancient Chapel to our Royal Visitors and give them a chance to meet some of our wonderful residents and the governors who work so hard for the Charity’.

Oakham Market Place (This is the best place for members of the public to show their support. The Royal guests are expected from 12.30pm onwards but please allow plenty of time as we are expecting it to be busy)

Their Royal Highnesses will walk through the Market Square where they will meet market stall holders and shop owners.  The market stalls will be made up of local business including Northfield Farm, Barnsdale Gardens and Rutland Biodynamics. They will also meet Morris dancers and people associated with Oakham in Bloom.

Jayne Woodcock, Mayor of Oakham: “I am delighted that The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall have chosen to visit Oakham and for The Duchess of Cornwall to honour the town by presenting a horseshoe for display in Oakham Castle. I am sure the royal visitors will enjoy seeing the unique features of Oakham and meeting some of the residents of the town and surrounding county.”

Oakham Castle
As is customary in Oakham as a senior member of The Royal Family The Duchess of Cornwall will present a decorative horseshoe to the Lord of the Manor Mr Hanbury.   The Horse Shoe has been made by Mr John Spence.

Councillor Roger Begy, Leader of Rutland County Council, said: “Royal visits are always extremely popular in Rutland and I am sure this will be no different. I remember when The Prince of Wales last visited the county back in 2003 and he has always shown great interest in the area and is extremely knowledgeable about Rutland. This is a historic event and one that I would imagine local people will be keen to support. ”

Rutland Water
The visit concludes with a trip to Rutland Water Nature Reserve to meet Wildlife Trust volunteers and tour some of the wetlands and wildlife sanctuary.

Peter Simspon, Anglian Water’s Chief Executive, said: “"Rutland Water makes a very significant contribution to conservation, and to the local economy. We'll be setting off a group of children and volunteers on a 'Country Mile' during the visit, as part of the Prince's Countryside Trust's National Countryside Week. We hope many more people will follow in their footsteps, and experience the rural gem that is Rutland Water this summer.”

Important Highways Information
The High Street in Oakham will be closed from Church Street to Burley Road from 07:00 until around 14:00hrs on Monday 28th July.  Therefore Market Street and Market Place will also be closed during this period.

We will be able to allow access for commercial deliveries or collections from business premises up until 11am.  After this time all vehicles we be prohibited from entering or exiting the closure, and any vehicles still parked within this area will be removed and stored.
High Street will be opened as soon as the Royal Party have left the area (around 14:00hrs), with only the Market Place remaining closed.

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