Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rutland County Council To Take Legal Action Against UKIP Members.

Rutland County Council To Take Legal Action Against UKIP Members.

Rutland County Council is seeking to take legal action against three Councillors

Councillors Gale, Richardson and Wainwright.

At a previous special meeting described by the three as a kangaroo court, which I
would prefer to describe as a lynch mob trial, various options were approved and

Criminal actions was one of those that was deferred, on Bevan Brittans
advice, but subsequently ignored.

I was told yesterday Leicestershire police are sick of dealing with Rutland Council
issues, they feel it is preventing them from dealing with normal police work.
So I assume that is why Rutland County Council have now decided to
hold a special meeting on the 29th July 2013 to propose immediate legal action
be taken against the three councillors.

The council says it is hurt by the allegations made by the three councillors.

This nasty bunch of Tory trash really know how to hurt people.
Cllr Lucas points the finger at them in a standards statement, is anything done? no!
If I had an unlimited supply of money I would be taking legal action against them all.
For the circumstances I currently endure.

Today I was told the Tories with a few privileged invited independents held a private
meeting to discuss the outcome of the planned special meeting.

The Councils own report raises a very serious issue, legal costs for a defamation case could
see the council lose all its reserves.

If it does, it could be the best thing that might happen to Rutland, it could lose its independence.
I am not anti independence, but I am most certainly against this group that have ruined our
town and county and at a ridiculous high price using when it has suited them the independent
badge or Tory, on and off. If Tory Religious Nuts like Baines stopped describing the internet
as a sewer of modern life and took a look at what many say, it might surprise him to see that
this is not just my opinion or view. I say nut because of his frequent religious style and pseudo philosophical comments at meetings

Financial issues 

The Council States
Legal proceedings will incur additional costs. It is difficult to be precise 
at this stage about the level of costs, as it depends very much on the
amount of work necessary to progress the matter.

I wonder if they saw or failed to see the backlash in the local press, after they set aside £90,000
of pubic money for legal action or do they hope it has been forgotten.

I spoke to a man and there are few remaining, who claim with pride to be born  and bred in Rutland
he's not happy. Not happy that he has a council made up of people like me, he describes us as
outsiders. pointing to my surrounding neighbours he adds your the only outsider here, none of us like you because we have been told you a paedophile, I often wonder why these Rutlander's don't take control, I asked him and the conversation ended with him saying he might like to be co-opted onto the Town Council. When I passed him the chairman's details he said "I think I know him, I think I once shagged his sister" a bit uncouth, maybe that's why Rutlander's don't run the council. They seem to moan and listen to false allegations and do nothing to help themselves.

He claims to be a UKIP supporter, like the former anti corruption members. Who have joined UKIP.

UKIP say they are not racist I have not yet met a Rutland UKIP supporter who is not.
He said to me "we had a bloody Sikh mayor once", in fact he is wrong he was wrong, he is Hindu

Biggots the lot of them and if your gay your labelled a Paedophile that is the real disgrace
Rutland County Council.

The Council Officers Report Concludes:

It is appropriate to take legal action immediately
following council resolution

There are always litigation risks, but the advice
received supports the viability of the proposed action

Litigation will incur costs, but this must be weighed
against the ongoing impact to the council and
officers of allowing this behaviour to continue
without challenge

There is likely to be significant public and national 
interest in any action taken, particularly now that the 
members concerned belong to a national political party.