Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Oakham Town Council Assistant Clerk Allison Greaves we are all guilty of making the Council look dysfunctional

Yesterday Oakham Mayor Cllr Lowe forwarded me an email from our assistant Clerk
I strongly believe this was a deliberate act.
I popped to the council about another matter this morning and after yesterdays incident
with the locum clerk I switched on my camera for protection.
I was pleased to hear Allison had told the Mayor Adam Lowe what happened was not
my fault but the fault of the locum clerk. Although I don't blame him entirely I know
he is only acting upon the instructions of the idiotic people who think they lead this council
it is a shame Malcolm Plumb has decided not to remain impartial and support Adam Lowe and Co.

When I arrived Allison was on the phone and preparing a email to send to me shown below
She read what she was sending to me show in video.

I fully agree with her the council is dysfunctional, I don't agree that she is responsible for that.
The responsibility for that belongs to the old guard now led by Cllr Adam Lowe who is a nasty
bully and it is not all members of the council.

Cllr Lowe has since responded to Allison's email and also talks about drawing a line.
How many more lines can he draw?

Some one commented to me today "Oakham Town Council must has have very straight
ruler all the lines they keep drawing.

Sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at 11:39 AM
From: "Allison Greaves"
To: "'Martin Brookes'"
Subject: RE: Remembrance Service

Hi Martin

I’m sure Adam forwarded it on in error.  However, albeit I may have offended you, I do feel at times that we are all guilty of making the Council look dysfunctional and I hope that we can draw a line under the whole episode and try to continue our work in a more positive frame of mind.