Thursday, July 28, 2016

Oakham Town Council Extra Meeting 27th July 2016 Video

Oakham Town Council Extra Meeting 27th July 2016 Video

Tonight's meeting thankfully was a lot better than last weeks.

An appointment to the town partnership was deferred, Something is going on
behind the scenes to ensure the partnership is not upset? The constitution of the
town partnership states Oakham Town Council appoints four members it would
seem some "old men" are causing a problem and seem to think the constitution
does not have to be applied. The partnership has not met officially since May
it has appointed a town centre manager who has not even introduced herself
to the council let alone the business's in the town.

The council decided to remove the redirection from it original website and
spend a some of money updating the old site.

The following members were absent Michael Haley, Vince Howard, Tracy Carr
and Jasmine Hopkins. no reasons were given.

It is rumored at least Jasmine Hopkins is considering leaving the council
which would be a shame. For some reason Cllr Lucas would not vote to
accept Jasmines apologies. If new members are considering leaving that
is very frustrating and history once again repeating itself. when will the old
guard go instead? they are so destructive!