Monday, July 25, 2016

Oakham Town Council interim Clerk Malcolm Plumb

This morning I had an interesting conversation with our interim Clerk

It did not go to well.

He tells me that Rutland County Councils Monitoring Officer Debbie Mogg did not say in her report "Oakham Town Council as whole has not worked well " and neither did the report state I reacted to members and two members don't make a right. I suggested he has not read the reports.
He said I imagined it, great another person at Oakham Town Council that can not read.
Fortunately I can.

During our discussion I raised issue which is well documented but most members of Oakham
Town Council are not aware of. Malcolm has a typical trait of many people who work in
local governance, he finds it offensive that I ask questions based on what I read in the press.
He threatened me with the police.

After reading archive news reports, letters and a public interest reports about Awsworth parish council were Malcolm was once a Clerk until earlier this year. I can see why the old guard at Oakham Town Council were keen to employ him. It is my opinion he is not going to rock the boat and will do as they want him to do.

I quote one major concern I have found published by the Linolnshire Free Press on most of their sites.

"The £61,500 of VAT money was not lost through an “auditing error” – it was lost through the gross incompetence of the then clerk."

Malcolm said I am libeling him for asking a question about this.
I dare not ask him any questions about the following headlines.

Council not ‘cleared of wrongdoing’

Council told to work together better

I also asked why most of the minutes are missing from the website.