Friday, July 15, 2016

Oakham Town Council Meeting Video 13th July 2016

Oakham Town Council Meeting Video 13th July 2016

Our Mayor Adam Lowe the bully kicked me out the meeting and relocated it to the office
just because I was attempting to seek clarification that my suggestion had been added to
a proposal.

I am surprised he did not kick me out earlier, at Oakham Town Council we are no longer
permitted to ask questions in public related to the accounts and spending of public money.

At the same meeting Cllr Lowe promoted by Cllr Haley refused to split the conduct item
item into the various questions and recommendations the fool made members consider
the all at once by just accepting the recommendations. Very daft when you look at point
four which it difficult to understand. Looking at it required a decision yes or no even though
Cllr Lowe had included text that the council could not actually do what he wanted them to

The assistant Clerk tells me she has spoken to the new clerk who is going to speak to
Cllr Lowe so it looks like once again an item is going to have to come back to council again!