Thursday, July 28, 2016

Planning and Parks Committee Meeting Oakham Town Council 28th July 2016

Planning and Parks Committee Meeting Oakham Town Council 28th July 2016

Planning and Parks is chaired by Michael Haley who did a better job this week
I thanked him after the meeting and he chose to ignore me.

I thanked him because he permitted debate. It is annoying he permits the old
guard like Cllr Lucas to interrupt and speak about things when she pleases.
She interrupted the Clerks report, after a long period of interruption I made a comment
which included, can you imagine what would happen if it was me who was
interrupting the clerks report? Surprisingly neither Cllrs Lowe or Stubbs called
for her exclusion. The code of conduct does not apply to the old guard!

No reports were received from working groups, Cllr Haley reminded the importance
of these reports. Especially when the working groups require to spend money. I hope
he noted his comments as he is a member of many working groups that failed to
provide the required written reports, perhaps the working groups are saving paper.
although I agree with Michael's introduction of these reports I object to the format of
the report. We don't need repeated print out at each meeting of every event since the
creation of the working group. I know many of the old guard don't keep agenda's
or reports. Cllr Lucas handed hers to be binned this week stating she never takes
it home because she lives in a tidy home. Cllr Lowe used to tear his up as the meeting
progressed. I personally don't know how a Councillor can do their job properly
if they don't keep records. Perhaps this is why the council is not working.

Vince Howard was absent this evening, Cllr Lowe said he had seen Trumpton and thought
Vince might be out with Trumpton. Due to his absence I asked for the item regarding the benches was deffered to the next meeting of the council.