Saturday, August 06, 2016

Oakham Town Council Bench Painting

As Oakham Town Council is meant to be seeking quotes for the
painting of the public benches, I was surprised today to find there
are few places to sit in Cutts Close Oakham. So I have written to
our Mayor Cllr Adam Lowe to find out who gave the authority
for this work and why?

Cllr Adam Lowe,

Please can you explain why the benches are currently being painted?

Is this another case of you impatient style? thinking of the Christmas tree.

The authority to paint the benches was deferred twice first time due to
only receiving one tender from the councils favoured contractor.
second time due to the absence of the Councillor attempting to sort this

I can not understand why the council is spending once again so much
money on painting the benches, especially when you consider the
council is going to be asked on Wednesday to consider disposing and
replacing all the benches in Cutts Close again.

Cllr Joyce Lucas campaigned to have these expensive benches
some are not even two years old, So I am astonished to read
her lottery grant report suggesting they should all be replaced again
so soon. This is a terrible wast of tax payers money. Each of the
existing benches have cost over £500 to purchase and install.

I know you find this type of questioning difficult but it is the role
of a Councillor to raise such issues.


Martin Brookes