Thursday, August 04, 2016

Oakham Town Council have banned me from the council office.

Oakham Town Council have banned me from the council office.

New Spy Hole on Dirty Council Door. The office is not much better. 
Dogs running lose add to the professional image of the town council. 

Today I found the Clerk has used his "powers" to install a cheap spy hole in the door.
The council refuses to answer the door to me. Whilst anyone else has free access to
the office.

For many years I have saved the tax payers money by collecting mine and other councillors
agendas. The postage and admin costs of Oakham Town Council are far too high.
Today I attended the office to collect agendas. No one would answer the door.

I made various phone calls to the office which were all terminated in a very rude manner
by the assistant Clerk Allison Greaves. One of these calls was witnessed by another town

I also spoke to the locum Clerk and I asked him a question, If I was to arrange a meeting
at the office with a ward resident who has a concern about a extractor fan from a new pub,
would he behave in the same way as he was today?

He responded with "the resident can come and see him in private with out me" I questioned
this and he responded with "what do you have to hide" at this point I told him I was ending the
call. It is not the Clerks job to carry out Councillors work although many like Malcolm Plumb
think like idiots and they can.

I spoke to Kim at Corporate Services at Rutland County Council. Mrs Mogg the monitoring officer
once again was not available. It is about time she really started attempting to sort the issues out
at Oakham Town Council.

I am fully aware that the Clerk and Assistant Clerk are following unilaterally instructions from our
deluded homophobic bullying Mayor Cllr Adam Lowe.