Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Barleythorpe Road Closure Oakham Rutland Ignored by Hundreds including Caroline Aston and DHL

Barleythorpe Road Closure Oakham Rutland Ignored by Hundreds including Caroline Aston and DHL

I have been reading on social media peoples frustrations about the many drivers and near misses
on Barleythorpe Road due to drivers ignoring Road Closed sign so I popped a long to look
for myself and spent a few minutes observing and took a few pictures. I was wondering if
the dozens of drivers I saw breaking the law have actually passed any test?

Caroline Aston (above) a member of the old Oakham Guard and good friend of Oakham Town Council, Rutland County Council appears not to be able read, like hundreds of other drivers who are currently ignoring the Barleythorpe Road Closure.

Caroline has grown from magazine writer, cruise ship entertainer to become a Government event planner where it is claimed her unique people skills serve well as a team leader in government. I have never found her people skills pleasant but certainly unique.

The road will be closed from Lands End Way direction until
the 4th November. When I took a walk along it this morning it was more
difficult to spot the drivers who were obeying the road closed signs.

The DHL lorry suddenly breaking was quite scary, I can't image what would happen
to work men or the houses if any of these lorry drivers decide to swerve to avoid the
oncoming traffic.

Here are some wise words from our former Mayor Paul Beech.

16:45 today. Which part of 'Road' and 'Closed' do you think people DON'T understand? We were driving up Melton Road toward Barleythorpe, away from town, through the deliberately coned off lane and there were drivers attempting to go toward town, in the only available lane, on the wrong side of the road, making out it was my fault. Don't they realise it's dangerous and could cause a serious accident? They were actually queuing from Lands' End Way facing toward Oakham, butting up to three signs all saying 'Road Closed'. That is three time in less than 4 days this has happened. I guess it must be me!

The DHL Lorry ignoring road closure signs breaking to avoid 
oncoming traffic.

I have heard some drivers say the signage is not very clear
which is a bit worrying. I would also think it is also a bit
bonkers to be driving around a corner on the wrong side 
of the road as seen above. If drivers can't see these signs
and all the warning signs on the approach road perhaps
they should take a trip to spec-savers.