Monday, October 10, 2016

Cllr Joyce Lucas Attacked By Great Dane Dog on Royce Recreation Ground

Cllr Joyce Lucas Attacked By Great Dane Dog on Royce Recreation Ground

It'd difficult to know how to respond to something when person who hates you has been involved in
an incident.

I was going to ignore it, a lot of people tell me she is a witch some even to her face.

I guess there must be some one out there who actually likes her and does not notice her
nasty vindictive manner.

I will say I don't approve of dogs biting her and I hope she is better soon.

The Cllr was tending what nearby resident call dog poo corner. A piece of grass area in the
corner of the playing field where the grass is only cut once a year. Cllr Lucas is now calling the
overgrown area used by dogs and litter droppers as The Pollinator’s dining area.

The same area where Cllr Lucas has carried out a tree vendetta against a nearby resident
for over ten years.

The assistant Clerk sent us the following email:

Joyce was working in Royce’s Recreational Ground when she was bitten on the hand by
a Great Dane Dog.

She went to the surgery for a Tetanus injection and heard that the same dog had bitten other people, knocking one person to the ground.

She reported the incident to the Police and asked not to ‘go in heavy handed’ as she doesn’t want the dog destroyed.

The Police are of the opinion that this dog should be on a lead and muzzled and should not be on a children’s play area.

Joyce also thanks those who have already phoned her and assures everyone that she is fine and will continue her work at the PDA (Pollinator’s dining area) for the next two days.